Each college is unique, so review each college admission policy very carefully.

When you look at a college website to see what their admission requirements are for homeschoolers, it can be sort of...well, off-putting. Often it looks intimidating. Sometimes it's just downright scary! They use big words, acronyms, and bold font. But if you cut through the fear, you will often find a college policy that is actually fairly reasonable.

Voice quivering at first, a member recently asked me about the homeschool admission policy at a specific university, so we looked at it together. Together we decided, "Hey! That's not so bad!"

Using this college policy as an example, let's see what that scary-looking website REALLY means to homeschool parents. Let's take those big words, scary phrases, and ridiculous acronyms, and break them down into the Latin and Greek roots, to see what is REALLY behind all that edu-speak!

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Read Each College is Unique


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