Put Bible Class on Your Transcript

If you are teaching religion classes at home, I suggest that you put Bible on the transcript, for 1 credit or 1/2 credit, each year you cover that subject. If the curriculum says it's a semester, then that's 1/2 credit. Sometimes you need to count hours to determine if it's a credit (120-180 hours) or if it's 1/2 credit (60-90 hours.)

Some parents put their Bible class as an Elective, and other considered it a required course, like a math class might be required. You can choose what fits your homeschool.

You don't have to use a textbook for Bible anymore than you would use a textbook for PE or a music class like piano. In this case, you just count hours, not textbooks. It's still an accurate and legitimate way to calculate credit value.

It's helpful to add descriptive words to your class title. If the curriculum says it's a "Theology/Bible" class, then you can call it Bible: Theology. If you primarily study the Old Testament, you can call it Bible: Old Testament. Other options might be New Testament, Worldview, Christian Life, etc.

I suggest that you write a course description. Some colleges may like to see a course description of it, but it depends on the college. Some secular colleges won't consider a Bible class in their GPA, but some Christian colleges will want to see Bible classes so they know kids are prepared. Don't worry about what the college thinks, though. Your job is to make a transcript that is honest and true. If Bible class was truly part of your homeschool, I would give the credit.

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