Even good test takers need practice.  If your child doesn't take tests well, then practice becomes even more important.  Susan asked me a question about how to prepare her son for the PSAT test.

I have purchased your materials when you were at the homeschool fair in Bothell last year.  My son is a sophomore. He is very analytical and logical which is good since he wants to be a computer programmer. The problem is that he is not a good test taker because he over analyzes the questions. Is there a program that you recommend to help him learn how to do well on standardized test? He will need to take the PSAT next year and I would like him to be better prepared.

Thank you,

Susan in WA

Hi Susan!

I don't think a program is what will help, I think the key is repetition.  It will take some work and effort on the part of your teenager. There is no silver bullet or perfect program to learning SAT preparation, and there are SO many options out there!

If you can get him to practice sample tests at home, timing them, then he'll probably get faster and learn not to over-think it.  I was able to get my children to do it.  We studied with the "11 Practice Tests for the SAT" book.  We did test prep three times a week.  We did one section of one test each day - it took about 25 minutes.  We found it we VERY helpful!

Here is a link to the book:

11 Practice Tests for the New SAT

If you can't talk him into repetitively studying for the SAT at home, then maybe a program would be helpful.  But it's significantly less money to just buy the book and do it yourself at home.

I don't think I would have him study SAT prep unless he already has taken geometry, though.  The math questions include some geometry, and I think he could get pretty frustrated if he doesn't have that math.

You can also point him to a computer science major. That requires a significant amount of math, but if he likes math and he likes analyzing, then it might be a good fit.


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