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Political Conversations: Civics Must Be Caught AND Taught

Political Conversations: Civics Must Be Caught AND Taught

What if your homeschool students swayed the political majority? What if they all learned how to vote, and then actually showed up at the polls and voted their conscience. What marvelous things would result!

Let me tell you a little secret. You can’t just "teach" kids to vote. It's one of those things that is caught as well as taught. They have to see you consistently voting, no matter how inconvenient the timing or how boring the election. You have to make political conversations part of your routine.

Here is what I suggest.

 1. Read the voter guide in front of your children.

2. Circle items in the voter guide that help you make your decisions.

3. Discuss the voter guide with your spouse, in front of the children.

4. Research additional items if needed, beyond the voter guide

5. Discuss the voter guide with your teenager, and explain your voting decisions. Have political conversations!

6. Take your children with you when you vote.

You may want to discuss some of the difficulties about voting with your older children. What process do you use to decide on your vote? Are you influenced by politicians who call? Send mail? Show up at your doorstep? Do you contribute to political organizations?

When I was homeschooling, my children and I would listen to political conversations at lunch. I would cut out newspaper articles, and discuss them during the day. They were always present when my husband and I were voting. When they became older, we reminded them "next year, you will vote for the first time."

It's not enough to just show your children what you are doing - they may not understand what you are doing, or how important it is.

It's not enough to just tell your children about civics. If they don't see you acting on the information, they won't grow up taking action either. Don't miss out! Now is your chance!

Political Conversations: Civics Must Be Caught AND Taught

Civic is caught as well as taught. Have you registered to vote? Do you vote in front of your children? Do you teach your children how to vote in an educated way? Do you have political conversations as a family?
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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

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