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Choosing a Career or College Major

Choosing a Career or College Major
We were sitting at the dining table, filling out college applications and came to the part that said "What is your major?"  My son panicked. It's rare to have a teenager know exactly what they want to do in life. Very few high school seniors can confidently say what their major will be. One step in the right direction is to do some career planning in your home. Here are some resources that may help.  Don't...
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Does the SAT Have Analogies?

Does the SAT Have Analogies?
Do you remember the dreaded analogies in high school?  Here are some examples from our past: Cat is to meow as dog is to bark Poverty is to wealth as hunger is to food. Designed to encourage critical thinking, analogies used to be included in the SAT test. But wait!  Analogies aren't on the test anymore!  For the past few years, the SAT has eliminated all analogies, and has something even MORE fun instead!  When they...
Recent Comments
Guest — Evie Coleman
The elimination of analogies from SAT is welcomed, indeed! I know that it develops important skills, but I never did take to them.... Read More
Monday, 27 September 2010 02:26
Guest — J W
Ooo! Love analogies - thanks for the link! Chicken is to grasshopper as dog is to... 1) broccoli 2) cat 3) disgusting stuff Fla... Read More
Friday, 06 August 2010 21:29
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Searching For Homeschool Socialization

Searching For Homeschool Socialization
Socialization is not about a group of kids all the same age.  True socialization is about people of ALL ages getting together. When kids are feeling alone, then getting out into the world can provide the socialization they are craving.  Here are some suggestions for socialization activities: Family and family outings. Play-only groups;  many support groups will have park days in the summer.  It may be worth joining a group JUST to meet kids are park...
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Real Help for Struggling Learners

Real Help for Struggling Learners
In Lake Wobegon all the children are above average, but in the real world some kids struggle.  What is a parent to do?I have a son with fairly significant learning disabilities.  He is dues to begin high school this fall.  He is on a sixth grade level in we keep I give him high school level credit for the math we do next year?  His writing looks like a second grader's ~ do we...
Recent Comments
Guest — Kathy
I can appreciate your concerns about your son's learning challenges. My son has a speech/language disability and is now in college... Read More
Thursday, 18 October 2012 10:15
Guest — J W
Play to their strengths :-) It's so easy to focus on what they can't do. Try, try again. My gifted oldest has always struggled ... Read More
Sunday, 01 August 2010 05:21
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Setting the Records Straight vs. Total Transcript Solution

Setting the Records Straight vs. Total Transcript Solution
Thank you for your informative web site. My eldest child is entering eighth grade, and I’m educating myself on how to homeschool  high school. We’ve always homeschooled, but I’m learning that high school will have added complexities.I’m considering buying your book Setting the Records Straight, but I’ve been unable to browse a copy beforehand. Do you include many sample transcripts and other record-keeping forms in the book? I love to keep records and thrive creating files...
Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Hi Giovana, The free month of the Silver Training Club and the one month of consulting begins at the time of purchase. It's an aut... Read More
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 05:32
Guest — Giovana
Does the one month Silver Training Club support become effective at time of purchase? Or can one choose when that starts?
Tuesday, 27 July 2010 18:57
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Learning To Learn Independently

Learning To Learn Independently
As I often say on this blog, our goal as homeschool parents is NOT to teach something. Our goal is for our kids to LEARN.  Sometimes they will learn how to learn a subject on their own, without having a teacher teach them. I believe that older teens MUST learn how to teach themselves. If they go to college, they will be expected to learn all the textbook material on their own. College lectures are most...
Recent Comments
Guest — Rebecca G.
Lee, I love that you mentioned that the teens should be learning, not that we should be teaching them. I think that's what colle... Read More
Wednesday, 06 July 2011 07:43
Guest — Audrey
To add another note. He contacted the companies on his own when he had trouble. He even found an error in a curriculum book that h... Read More
Monday, 23 May 2011 15:26
Guest — Audrey
We just graduated our oldest yesterday! Starting with the Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science (7th) and then Physic... Read More
Monday, 23 May 2011 15:24
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20/20 Homeschool Hindsight

20/20 Homeschool Hindsight
20/20 Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly how everything should go, and see how it will all end? When you see your current challenges, it's difficult to know why you are going through certain struggles.  The same thing happened to the disciples at the triumphal entry.  They knew Jesus would die, and they knew the crowd was acting like Jesus was a King.  They couldn't understand how these two different...
Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Praise the Lord, Audrey! That is SO WONDERFUL! Woo Hoo! This is such a wonderful thing to hear - thank you SO MUCH for sharing ... Read More
Monday, 23 May 2011 15:51
Guest — Audrey
This is an older post and now, 10 months later we have such a testimony! Our oldest son graduated from our home school yesterday!... Read More
Monday, 23 May 2011 15:36
Guest — Audrey
You are right up my street tonight. I should be asleep, but I am busy trying to figure out plans for my 12th grader. What should ... Read More
Saturday, 24 July 2010 19:32
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How to Never Lose your Homeschool Transcript

How to Never Lose your Homeschool Transcript
I have multiple redundancies for my computer because I use it for business.  External hard drives and remote back-up systems like Carbonite Online Backup serve a great purpose.  Most homeschoolers don't have the time or energy to back up all their data like that, but disasters can happen.  A single computer virus, a major computer crash, or a household disaster or theft can destroy all the hard work you put into making your transcript. There is...
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Why Homeschool Junior High?

Why Homeschool Junior High?
Junior high is your training ground.  For parents, junior high has two purposes.  First, it's a time to learn how to high school, taking classes and reading books that will prepare you for the task ahead.  Like reading "What to Expect When you are Expecting" the learning process should be both fun and educational for you.  The second purpose is to practice high school record-keeping skills.  That way nothing will come as a surprise, and you...
Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Tonya, depression is serious business, and not to be taken lightly. Watch carefully, because it can be made worse by public schoo... Read More
Monday, 26 August 2013 08:59
Guest — Tonya
My daughter is depressed and wants to go to Public School. Please pray for me to get her back on track and find a few friends. We ... Read More
Saturday, 24 August 2013 15:21
Guest — Audri
What a timely post. Reading your words gave me just the encouragement I needed. We are wrapping up 6th grade in some subjects, b... Read More
Tuesday, 03 April 2012 11:53
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Providing Work Samples

Providing Work Samples
Do colleges want work samples mainly from the child's senior year?~TheresaDear Theresa,Thank you for your question!  Some colleges will want samples of work, and other colleges will not.  When a college asks for work samples, they may not all want the same sort of thing.  In the colleges that we applied to, one wanted a written lab report from science, another wanted a math paper in the student handwriting, and a couple of colleges wanted a...
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Can I Use MIT's Open Courseware to Homeschool College?

Can I Use MIT's Open Courseware to Homeschool College?
Has anyone homeschooled college using things such as MIT's Open Courseware, and would completing courses through this be an acceptable path?~Stephanie on Facebook To get college credit while you homeschool ("homeschooling college") requires credits to be accredited by some organization (like CLEP) or some college (like Thomas Edison.) While MIT's Open Courseware classes are extremely cool, they aren't accredited. You would probably need to find a test to measure knowledge gained from the Open Courseware and...
Recent Comments
Guest — Caitlin
Lee, We don't exactly have our Superman capes yet...but thanks for making us feel like we do! Caitlin Caitlin.Muir@CollegePlus.o... Read More
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 08:12
Guest — Lee
Hi Kristine, Sorry about the bad link. I fixed it. Blessings, Lee
Saturday, 17 July 2010 07:14
Guest — Kristine
Lee, the College Plus link was bad. Could you fix? Thanks!
Saturday, 17 July 2010 07:05
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Creation Discussion in Sonlight Curriculum

Creation Discussion in Sonlight Curriculum
Your e-book on transcripts changed my life this year, and thus, the lives of my children! My oldest is in 8th grade and earlier this past school year, she thought she wanted to go to high school. I wasn't sure what to do for high school, so I was having trouble  getting her excited over the idea of remaining homeschooled. I saw your book, ordered it in December, but did not get around to reading it...
Recent Comments
Guest — Jude
We are interested in Christian homeschooling materials which teach real science (biology included). We see no problem with theist... Read More
Monday, 19 August 2013 21:29
Guest — Assistant to The HomeScholar
Dear Jude, I have homeschooled for 15 years, and I have really enjoyed Apologia. Some friends of mine really like Bob Jones. I don... Read More
Monday, 19 August 2013 22:13
Guest — Michael B
Today's production of novel medications requires a full knowlegde of molecular genetics. This includes understanding the molecula... Read More
Saturday, 20 October 2012 04:38
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You Can't Make a High School Accept your Credits

You Can't Make a High School Accept your Credits
It's easy to pull children out of school and begin homeschooling.  It's more challenging to go the other way.   If you have been homeschooling, you may have difficulty convincing a public or private high school to accept credits earned in your homeschool. High schools don't have to accept your homeschool credits, and you can't MAKE them accept your credits. Create the transcript as you would for a college, but recognized that they have all the power....
Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Oh Dianne! I hope you have good luck! I think it's much easier at a private school that public, so I'm hoping it will go OK for ... Read More
Friday, 03 June 2011 14:34
Guest — Dianne
Ironically, I'm in the process of completing a transcript for my son to attend a private school for his senior year of high school... Read More
Friday, 03 June 2011 14:10
Guest — Kirsten O'Malley
Hi Lee -- More and more of our students are full-time students at a public school, but choosing to take "outside credits" with one... Read More
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 10:31
  1490 Hits

Homeschool Transcript Yikes

Homeschool Transcript Yikes
Sometimes messages come by Facebook, but other times I get them on the phone, by email,  or on my blog.  It usually goes something like this:"Yikes-please help fast! Transcript due tomorrow and I am on the fence with this one......How do we count a European home stay for a month on a high school transcript? How much credit? Never encountered this one....."Angela on Facebook Believe me, I've heard it all.  I never feel judgmental at all,...
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Should Unschoolers Make a Transcript?

Should Unschoolers Make a Transcript?
What you recommend non-tradional (unschoolers and eclectic) homeschoolers do about making transcripts for 4-year state colleges?  Do they have a better chance at admission if they transform what they have  done  into atraditional transcript?~Julie Dear Julie,In general I think the best answer is to convert non-traditional experiences into a traditional transcript with grades made by mom, and credit values clearly labeled.  I have heard some moms truly regret NOT doing that, believing that it cost them...
Recent Comments
Guest — Natalie
Hi, adding to that question, what about GPA and credits if there is no record of them?
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 11:29
Guest — Assistant to The HomeScholar
Good question! Your job is to translate your activities (whatever they are) into records. I think this article will help: Transc... Read More
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 22:52
Guest — Tweets that mention Should non-traditional #homeschoolers prepare traditional transcripts? #homeschool --
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lesson Pathways. Lesson Pathways said: RT @TheHomeScholar: Should non-traditional #hom... Read More
Friday, 09 July 2010 06:03
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