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Daily Homeschool Record Keeping

Daily Homeschool Record Keeping
What would you recommend for the daily record keeping of time and subjects… an official teacher record keeping book or something ‘home made’ on Excel. Should track grades on each assignment, as it is first done and as it is corrected to 100%, as well as track the time spent?~ homeschool mom For record keeping, I had a sheet of notebook paper for every class.  I would write the names of any papers and the results...
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Real Life Homeschool Education

Real Life Homeschool Education
It can be difficult to determine when an activity should be considered a high school course or just an activity.  Everyone has an opinion, and different parents may handle the same situation in a different way.  Stephanie asked for my opinion on getting high school credit for work experience. My son has been working at a restaurant as a cook for several months.  In order to keep this job, he had to memorize the entire menu...
Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Dear Dawn, My vote would be for calling the dog walking a PE class. Volunteer work is more suited to helping with a non-profit. F... Read More
Monday, 11 October 2010 18:10
Guest — Dawn in Ohio
That brings up another thought. Our 15-year-old son has volunteered to walk a very difficult Australian shepherd dog for an elder... Read More
Monday, 11 October 2010 15:56
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Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!
Problems seem magnified when you focus on them. While I was on vacation in Alaska I missed two weeks of church.  We had a wonderful time, but when I got home my troubles seemed to be bigger and more overwhelming than before.  Our first day back at church, and the first worship song we heard, and I figured out the reason!  We were singing "Oh Happy Day!" and these words:Oh happy day, happy dayYou washed my...
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Course Descriptions for Fun Stuff

Course Descriptions for Fun Stuff
I often get questions about how to create real classes for unusual interests like writing music for movies.  How do you create classes for fun?  More importantly, how do you write a boring course description about fascinating non-classroom learning? My Gold Care Club member asked for me to look over her course descriptions.  When I saw this one, I flipped!  This is just WONDERFUL, and a great example of how to take a student's interest and...
Recent Comments
Guest — Heidi
I'm so glad I came across this course description. This is what my 9th grader would like to do. He has the chance to go to a wee... Read More
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 04:21
Guest — Assistant to The HomeScholar
Lee is always happy to help, Heidi! Robin Assistant to The HomeScholar
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 10:26
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Homeschool High School - Math is Fundamental

Homeschool High School - Math is Fundamental
Math is a fundamental skill required for college and to attract employers. My friend Don is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Seattle Pacific University.   He shares some great insights about the importance of teaching math in high school.“Math requirements vary by school. You don’t necessarily have to have extra math to get into a college, but you do need it to be well educated. Upper level math can train your mind. Math is a...
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Homeschool Transcripts: When Can you Call it an Elective?

Homeschool Transcripts: When Can you Call it an Elective?
Electives can be a million different things, and homeschoolers have limitless possibilities in the variety of classes they can give their children.  When you provide a unique class, it might be a regular subject area, or it might be an elective, or it might be an activity.   Every situation is unique, but I can provide a general rule of thumb that may help if you have an unusual question like Judi.I have your books Setting the...
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Facing The Community College Fad

Facing The Community College Fad
My recent newsletter included an article called Facing the Community College Fad.  It's always good to keep your eyes open when looking at any situation you think may be appropriate for your children.  If you have ever considered community college, this will be a thought-provoking article for you. There are a couple of things I wanted to share about that September 1st edition of my newsletter.Feedback on Community College ArticleThank you for going against the tide...
Recent Comments
Guest — Ivette
I appreciate the "other side of the coin" in your article. I think it is only fair to point out that a 4 year college is not much ... Read More
Tuesday, 28 April 2015 09:23
Guest — Assistant to The HomeScholar
You're right, Ivette! That's why Lee really stresses making visits to colleges (whether children attend community college or not) ... Read More
Wednesday, 29 April 2015 01:27
Guest — Marissa
It's unfortunate to hear such "horror" stories about ones experience at a community college, but I have to disagree that they are ... Read More
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 06:52
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How can Homeschoolers Earn an “A ”?

How can Homeschoolers Earn an “A ”?
In my homeschool, I provided a simple percentage grade for tests that we gave.  If they got 10 wrong and there were 100 questions, they got 90%.  But that’s only a grade for a test.  Sometimes homeschoolers don't use tests. Even if you do evaluate with tests, a test grade is only a PORTION of the grade you put on the transcript.I worried about grading strategies was homeschooling high school.  Math and science were easy to...
Recent Comments
Guest — Kathleen
Dido, I'm just another mom, with a son struggling with Algebra and Geometry after using Teaching Textbooks. We picked Saxon back u... Read More
Monday, 09 March 2015 11:41
Guest — Dido
My problem is that when I expect mastery of a topic (better than 80%), such as Math, and the homework and quizzes all show mastery... Read More
Monday, 09 March 2015 02:15
Guest — Assistant to The HomeScholar
You're right, Dido. In the interest of integrity, you can't put an "A" on a transcript if they haven't earned it by your standards... Read More
Tuesday, 10 March 2015 14:51
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Incorporating Games into Homeschool

Incorporating Games into Homeschool
Have you heard of Brainetics~ What is your opinion? You are a Rich Blessing from the Lord:)))))))~Tausha {blessed mommy of 1/2 dozen} from SC Dear Tausha,I'm a HUGE fan of incorporating games into your homeschool - even at the high school level!  I have written two articles about it:Homeschool Vocabulary,  Homeschool PEI haven't used Brainetics, but I've seen it in the stores and it all looks great.  Not a complete curriculum, but certainly a fun supplement...
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Home High School - Welcome to The HomeScholar

Home High School - Welcome to The HomeScholar
My husband recently produced a promotional video for The HomeScholar.  I would love it if you would share this with your friends and your homeschool groups that might need some encouragement to continue homeschooling through high school.  Also, please take a moment and leave a comment to let him know what you think. You can sign up for our free monthly newsletter here.
Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Dear Ann, The artist is Dax Johnson, and the song is "For Rain." Blessings, Lee
Monday, 13 September 2010 16:37
Guest — Ann
hi Lee & Matt-- It's a beautiful video! It very much captures you and the heart of your ministry. I love the piano music. Can ... Read More
Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:16
Guest — Jane Carter
I loved this video! What a professional job and such a great way to honor you as his wife! Double-kudos for hubby! As I just start... Read More
Saturday, 11 September 2010 17:23
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Testing Tips for Highly Gifted Juniors

Testing Tips for Highly Gifted Juniors
I have an article that spells out the nine keys to a successful junior year.  If you have a junior, you might enjoy it! But if your highly gifted student is facing junior year, advanced in math, and you're almost certain they might qualify for the  National Merit Scholarship, then I think my advice on testing would be a little more specific.Please ONLY read this advice if you already feel like your child is a strong...
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How Does Your Homeschool Compare?

How Does Your Homeschool Compare?
Scores Stagnate at High SchoolsA Wall Street Journal article mildly whispers a passively calm title.  But the quotes within the article are really quite shocking."High schools are the downfall of American school reform," said Jack Jennings, president of the Center on Education Policy, a nonpartisan research organization in Washington. "We haven't figured out how to improve them on a broad scope and if our kids aren't dropping out physically, they are dropping out mentally."  It's an...
Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Dear Lisa, Don't think about CLEP as "cramming for the test." Certainly there is an element of learning how to test well. But i... Read More
Monday, 13 September 2010 15:57
Guest — Lisa Smith
I love that speech! But now I'm concerned because we're thinking of using CollegePlus (recommended on this website). Doesn't Colle... Read More
Saturday, 11 September 2010 11:24
Guest — Luke Holzmann
Homeschooling high school is absolutely a great option! Thanks for sharing, Lee [smile]. ~Luke
Thursday, 09 September 2010 06:10
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New Resource for Homeschool Middle School

New Resource for Homeschool Middle School
Homeschool Middle School, junior high, 7th and 8th grade.  What to do, what to do?My husband recently created a category on my blog JUST for parents of middle school students!  You can read all the blog posts in my middle school category. You're reading my blog, so you obviously know how to find it online.  But did you know you can search my blog for answers?  There is a search box toward the top of my...
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Socially Active Homeschoolers Change College Admission Policy

Socially Active Homeschoolers Change College Admission Policy
Here is the problem.  Colleges all have very unique, very different policies from one another.  In addition, college admission policies can change over time, sometimes quite suddenly, it seems.  That's why half the time the answer to a question is "check with the college where you plan to apply." Here is the solution.  Create change.  Be a change agent.  Be proactive. Make the change happen by being assertive and asking for change.  Simply asking them to...
Recent Comments
Guest — Renee
Happy "golden" birthday, Mr. Binz!
Friday, 03 September 2010 20:10
Guest — Jeff Thompson
I tried the same thing, but unfortunately in my case, it didn't make any difference. My daughter was getting lots of recruitment a... Read More
Friday, 03 September 2010 17:05
Guest — Ann
hi Matt! Wishing you a joyful celebration of this very special birthday. Here's to "Nifty Fifty!" (I'm already there.) Ann &... Read More
Friday, 03 September 2010 08:57
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When Do You Need a Transcript?

When Do You Need a Transcript?
When will you need your homeschool transcript?  It's hard to say exactly. The first time you need it may be sophomore year, when your child starts driving.  Many insurance companies provide a good student discount for teenage drivers, and your homeschool transcript is required.  It may be during junior year, when you need to review grades and credits with your child, so they report their grades correctly when they take the PSAT for the first time. ...
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