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LeTourneau University Online Dual Enrollment

LeTourneau University Online Dual Enrollment
Your humble homeschool can compete with the most prestigious college prep high school. Let me show you how! Register here: Super Scholarships for Humble Homeschoolers Webinar Are you looking for ways to pay for your college education? Check out dual ...
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Accept or Reject College Admissions Requests

Accept or Reject College Admissions Requests

You have visited each of the college campuses that you were interested in applying to. You were diligent to do all that was necessary to apply to each of the homeschool friendly campuses. You got accepted into some of your favorites. And, now, the time has come to let each of the colleges that you gained admission into whether you will be joining them in the fall. Sounds like a tall order! It is easier than it sounds to accept or reject their invitation to join their family, but there are a few tips I'd like for you to know as you go about doing so.

Of course, there is more to getting into college than just visiting. Let me unlock the mysteries of the college application process for you in this free class! Click to register: College Applications Simply Explained

Sharon, a homeschool mom, told me that her daughter was accepted to every college where she applied. Time to celebrate! But then our conversation became more serious. How do you tell colleges, "Thanks, but no thank you"? How can you tell them your child has decided not to attend?

When a college sends a written acceptance letter, they include how to notify them about your decision. This may involve written directions or a reply card to mail back. Some colleges even include a postcard in their admissions packet to make this task easy for you and your student. You might have to use a special email address or website to enter your decision online. In the joy and excitement of learning about college admission and scholarships, sometimes these little bits of information can get lost in the hoopla! Look through all the papers again to see if you can find instructions on how to say "No, thank you."

Some colleges don't have a formal method for replying. In this case, simply contact the college the same way they contacted you. If you have an admission advisor who has talked to you on the phone, then call back on the phone. If an admission representative emails you, email them back. If they have only mailed information, then send snail-mail to notify them.

Keep in mind that acceptance or rejection responses should come directly from the student. As young adults, who will soon be interacting on their own in college, they should easily be able to handle it. It is important for your student to tell colleges that they have decided not to attend so that the college doesn't hold their place. There may be student's waiting to take the place of a 'no thank you'. 

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College Launch Solution Highly Recommended by The Old Schoolhouse

College Launch Solution Highly Recommended by The Old Schoolhouse
Erica used the College  Launch  Solution with her family and highly recommends it to the reader of The Old Schoolhouse . It is easy to tally the benefits and rewards of home schooling, especially when the children are young and the days are...
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Where Do you Find the Faith to Homeschool?


Where do you find the faith to homeschool high school? Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart! But, with a little help from a friend, you can have encouragement to get you through the tough times.

Recent Comments
Lee Binz
Thanks D'Ann! You are such an encouragement to me! Blessings, Lee
Monday, 08 April 2019 16:10
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59 Warning Signs of Drug Abuse Parents Need to Know

59 Warning Signs of Drug Abuse Parents Need to Know
Most parents appreciate a little help and encouragement on their homeschooling journey. My free newsletter delivers this fresh each month. Click to get some yourself: The HomeScholar Record Newsletter . Homeschoolers are not immune from the pare...
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[Free eBook] Finding A College You Love

[Free eBook] Finding A College You Love
Looking for a college is like trying to find the "love of your life." When you have narrowed down your selection of colleges to a few candidate schools, it's time for a visit. Keep in mind that you are trying to find the "love of your life." You woul...
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The 5 Hardest Things About Homeschooling High School

The 5 Hardest Things About Homeschooling High School
There are 5 situations that homeschoolers may face that are so challenging, only a parent can effectively handle the ins and out and eccentricities of the situation. Are you on this list? Let me get you started on facing these challenges. Number 4 on...
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College Search Success

College Search Success
Stephanie's family wrote to tell me how much success they have had in their college search, and I want to share her words with you! She found value in some of my products and in my advice to her sons in how they approached high school tests.  De...
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Many Ways to Say “I love you”

Many Ways to Say “I love you”
My kids think I'm crazy, but I've always celebrated Valentine's Day with pink, red, and heart-shaped food. I'm not usually a very crafty person, but I love to create food surprises on the holidays. In case you need some suggestions on what to make fo...
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Is a Perfect PSAT Score Required for Merit Scholarships?

Is a Perfect PSAT Score Required for Merit Scholarships?

Perfect is swell, but is a perfect PSAT score required for merit scholarships? (Of course, you could always use studying as a way to do better on all of the high school tests! Test Preparation without Getting Smarter)

"I finished watching your DVD Getting The Big Scholarships.... it was awesome!  Thank you for taking the time to help others.  In receiving a merit scholarship wouldn't you have to have a perfect PSAT score?  I 've had a financial aid officer tell me this. "
~Diane in Washington

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Free Resources Help Marie Earn $27,000 in Scholarships

Free Resources Help Marie Earn $27,000 in Scholarships
Do you like free stuff? Marie does - and it's made a HUGE difference in her life to read my free eBook. Download your copy today ! "Hi Lee, I've used your site often since I began homeschooling high school, and now my oldest is on track to graduate i...
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The Purpose of Middle School

The Purpose of Middle School


Purpose for Students

Middle school is the pause between elementary school and high school. Children learn at different rates –not just homeschoolers, ALL kids! The pause, middle school, gives slow or reluctant learners time to catch up before high school. At the same time, it gives quick and academically capable children a chance to continue learning at their level. Do you find yourself becoming stressed out over middle school? Read my article, Taming Middle School Anxiety. It's sure to help you and your student calm any anxiety this stage of life brings.

Recent Comments
Lee Binz
Thanks so much Leah! I'm so glad it was helpful to you - and I sure appreciate you took the time to write Blessings, Lee... Read More
Sunday, 24 February 2019 22:03
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High School Record Keeping Simply Explained

High School Record Keeping Simply Explained
Here's how to keep high school records in 5 easy steps for under $10. You don't need an expensive system. In fact, owning a fancy system is no guarantee you will actually use it. The best record keeping system is simple enough to use, and doesn't cos...
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Health Class Unit Study on Pot

Health Class Unit Study on Pot
Let me give you a boost of encouragement to continue homeschooling with joy! Click to download my free ebook: Love Your Homeschool! My goal is for you to have a discussion with your teen. Why? Let me explain what it's like to live in a state with leg...
Recent Comments
Elizabeth Haber-Lopez
I would LOVE any links anyone has that would be appropriate for discussing with my teens, Thank you for putting light on this topi... Read More
Friday, 25 January 2019 15:14
Anita Walker
Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for your support of this topic. It is a hard one to discuss. There are links in the article that can be hel... Read More
Friday, 25 January 2019 15:27
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Ask Questions During College Visits

Ask Questions During College Visits

Is your child a high school Junior? It's time for college visits!

Ask questions during college visits. Try to ask questions that will engage people in dialog and show you value their opinions. When you are talking with people during college visits, you want them to get to know you. Open questions with plenty of dialog can help them get to know you better. You can show that you trust their opinion by asking them important questions about your future. Asking open ended questions can demonstrate that you can listen, as well as talk. Do you struggle with coming up with questions? My blog post, Essential Questions for Your College Visits, can help.

For example, you might discuss your college major. "I'm thinking about this major but I don't really like one aspect" or "I really love this major, do you think it is a good fit, and how do you know?" Asking questions during college visits is not always about yes or no questions such as, "Do you offer a biology major?" or questions that can be answered with a one sentence reply such as "Is Chapel required for all students?" Part of asking questions is allowing the college to get to know you and who you are as a person. They will get to know you and be more likely to remember you, particularly if you ask questions that show you value their opinion.

You may want to discuss extra-curricular on-campus activities. "I've had so much fun with my high school activities and I'm wondering what activities you think I might enjoy on campus." This kind of question will answer the usually unspoken question, "What about socialization?" By openly discussing your high school activities and saying how much you enjoy them, it demonstrates great social skills.  More importantly perhaps, colleges value students that will become active on campus. They want students who will participate in more than just academics. By showing that you are eager to join on-campus groups, you are showing that you will be a valuable asset to the college for the long run. You want them to know you won't just be hiding in the library studying, and will bring more to campus than just your brain.

Everyone likes the sound of their own voice, even college admission advisers.  Ask questions, but also ask them what they think, and show you value their opinion. Remember, it's mostly about being yourself, vulnerable and genuine. Look them in the eye, and be interested in them as a person.

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