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Homeschool Transcript- Keeping Grades in Large Families

How do you keep up with grading when you have four, five or more kids? When my kids were younger, I never really graded at all. Our state (WA) does not require parents to grade, so I didn't. I would grade math tests, just to make sure they knew the stuff, but I didn't KEEP those grades anywhere. Once they started high school, I didn't change my way of doing things with homeschool. I just started...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - The Teaching Company on a Budget!

We never paid full price for a Teaching Company course, they were just MUCH too expensive for our budget. We used audio tapes primarily, and on sale they were $15-$35. You can also also find them at the library, though, so look their first. Some libraries don't list them under "teaching company" or "great courses" but instead list them under the course name "calculus made clear." It makes it harder to find that way. You can...
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Homeschooling Teens - How do Homeschoolers take the SAT?

Sign up online for the SAT at . Here is the exact address: They take the test at their local high school. They can choose any school on the list - some prefer to take the test at a private school. I don't know if it's possible to refuse a homeschooler, but I've never heard of it.Here is their page called "Homeschooled students and the SAT." The parent can read more about the test...
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"Calculus Made Clear"

Another strategy we used for high school math was "Calculus Made Clear" from The Teaching Company. The course wouldn't be enough for a stand-alone Calculus course, but it's a wonderful, wonderful supplement. It is light on numbers but very clear in their explanations. The first time we saw it, my younger son was doing pre-Calculus and my older son was in Calculus. I told them to watch one lesson a day, but the boys loved it....
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Help for Saxon Math

If you are considering Saxon math for high school, I strongly encourage you to consider using DIVE CDs. It's a great combination that worked for us, and it's more reasonably priced than other video tutorials. Here is the link: /dive_math.aspx They have a sample lecture online, so you can see if it will work for your child. Blessings, Lee Get your daily dose of wisdom from my blog via e-mail .
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The Teaching Company for Younger Students?

I have been asked whether The Teaching Company tapes could be used for younger students. In a nutshell, if a student is INTERESTED, then they may not be too young. The Teaching Company does have some high school level courses, but I never tried them. I'm sure those would be appropriate for many younger people (junior high level). In general, if a student is interested, I recommend feeding their interests.I don't recommend The Teaching Company religion...
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What About Military Academies?

>>>>Can homeschoolers make it into military academies?<<<< At the last college fair, I spent a long time talking to military academies, especially Annapolis. All of the military academies accept homeschoolers, even when Mom makes the transcript. The big-time military academies want leadership and physical fitness to be as important as grades. They even have a "homeschool admission" page, which is always very helpful. Boy scouting is a huge plus - is your son a boy scout,...
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Withdrawing from Public High School

Sometime a student will request to be withdrawn from public high school and begin homeschooling. If that is the case for you and you can support them, I would encourage you to do it and not look back. You CAN pull your students out anytime you want to. If you want to get their high school grades first you could wait until the grades are released and then pull them. If they aren't getting good grades,...
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When to Start Record Keeping - Part 2

>>>>More record keeping basics<<<< Another thing that you can do is have a place where you keep all your records. That might include all their work, anything they have written, math tests, any workbooks, etc. Again, you really don't NEED to keep that stuff for 6th and 8th grades, but it will train you to keep those records when it DOES matter for next year. I kept a 3-ring binder, with dividers for each subject: math,...
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When to Start Record Keeping - Part 1

>>>>When is the best time to start keeping homeschool records?<<<< When I was homeschooling 6th and 8th grades (my two boys are two years apart) I began by keeping a daily schedule of their lesson plans. You can see more about what I did here . You can open the sample schedule to see what I did. Anyway, having this check list for their lesson plans gave me a record of everything they did. I figured...
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Homeschooling High School Math Isn't Working

>>>>This is the second part of my answer to a desperate mom who lamented: "I don't think homeschooling high school is working!" Now I'll talk about math :-) Teaching Textbooks may not be working for your student. You might want to consider adding a tutor. It doesn't have to be a math professor or anything. Sometimes just another high school student who is farther along in math will do the trick. They will talk the same...
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Ninth Grade Language Arts?

>>>>What should I use for 9th grade Language Arts?<<<< Focus on reading and writing at your student's level, and you can't go wrong. We used Sonlight for their writing prompts. It included workbooks for vocabulary. For young high schoolers who need extra help, Winston Grammar is a great way to get a good understanding of parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) in a way that's very hands-on. If your student is a hands-on learner, then...
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Early High School Credits on a Transcript

>>>>How do you do transcripts to reflect early high school credits?<<<< Here is what I did: If it was a high school course, and it was on my transcript, and my transcript was by year rather than by subject, then I called those classes "Early high school credits." I felt that gave colleges the option of using those classes or not using those classes, because I've heard that some do and some don't. We did...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - The Latin Road Pays Off!

>>>Please comment on the Latin Road <<< I used Latin Road for 3 years. My kids were VERY successful with it, and my son still remembers all his Latin even after 3 years without cracking a book! He had to take a college placement test at the college he's going to, so they could see which class would be appropriate for him. He passed all 3 levels of Latin, and started the university in Junior level!...
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Homeschool English and Grammar Every Year!?

>>>Do you think it is necessary to teach English and Grammar every year?? <<< No, I don't think it's important every year. We taught grammar one time, in 7th grade, with Winston Grammar and that was that. My kids did great on their SATs, so it was obviously plenty for them. We did do foreign languages in high school, so that was another way we got grammar without "teaching grammar" if you know what I mean....
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