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Only "Actual Teachers" Should Read This!

A virtual school had an advertisement with a parent testimonial stating: "We have found the K12 curriculum to be far above anything we could have done on our own, plus we have the added advantage of an actual teacher for help" Don't be fooled! Homeschooling parents ARE actual teachers - the best possible teachers for their children. That same virtual school had another advertisement that said: "Student/student interaction is also actively encouraged, so (this virtual school's)...
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The Intangible Benefits of Homeschooling

From Eeyore to Tigger: The tangible benefits of homeschooling are many. You can see the benefits of academics, socialization, and specialization. You can see the quality of the kids that receive moral and ethical values, with lots of time for family. There are also intangible benefits of homeschooling. I recently worked with a family who decided to pull their student out of public school as a sophomore. While he was a very sweet child, I noticed...
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Shocking! A Positive Homeschool Message on TV!!

Shocking! A Positive Homeschool Message on TV!!
Check out these amazing videos. They are glowing reports on the "how and why" of homeschooling. Pretty surprising given the usual tone of homeschool reports on network TV. I was particularly taken by the discussion of "Thomas Jefferson Education" since this is what we did in our homeschool without knowing there was an actual name for it! TJEd is all about finding your child's passion and building on it throughout their homeschool years. Similar to what...
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Is Your Child Bored with High School?

If your child is bored with high school topics, you can consider two choices: college options and non-college options. College options include going to a university at an early age (either as a regular student or "Non-matriculated" student) or attending a community college before going to the university. College policies vary on non-matriculation. College like to get money, however, and usually non-matriculated students pay the full price (no scholarships). Since it's basically "free money" for the...
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Homeschooling High School? Start Here!

Homeschooling High School? Start Here!
Amazing FREE 5-Part Mini-Course Reveals: "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School" Click Here To Get FREE Mini-Course Welcome! Get your homeschooling high school questions answered here!  High school transcripts , record keeping , grades, credits, course planning and college admissions - I'm here to address your concerns. Email me your questions and be sure you subscribe to this blog because I update the content daily.  Enjoy your visit!
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Obsessive/Compulsive Mathematics

My husband asked me, "Do all homeschoolers finish the math book?" The answer is "OF course not!" The truth is, some homeschoolers have their child do every single problem in every math book before moving on. Other homeschoolers skip many problems or even chapters each year without giving it a second thought. I encourage people to come down firmly in the middle of this controversy. What's important is NOT how many problems they do, or how...
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The Great California Homeschool Earthquake?

The media seems to be saying this is THE BIG ONE.Here is a link to the Fox News story, but I've heard the same on other news programs. ,2933,335808,00.html "California parents who don't have teaching credentials no longer can home school their children, according to a recent state appellate court ruling." But here is a summary from a California Homeschool group: http://californiahomeschool .net/howTo/updates.htm "The law in California has not changed. This is the opinion of...
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Never Ending Record Keeping

Never ending record keeping Are you writing your own comprehensive records for your student? Frustrating, isn't it! One thing to remember about the Comprehensive Records - you're never done until graduation. It's like homeschooling in that you never really "finish." You can add touches and change things.... At some point you have to add final grades and final graduation dates. So don't worry that it doesn't feel complete. You won't until your student is finally away...
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Rethinking Failure

Recently I've shared with some of my homeschool "failures" like literature analysis and nature studies. I didn't even mention art and Washington State history! Everyone feels like they have failed at some points. I think it may be an issue with motherhood in general: a chronic feeling of guilt. Now that my kids have graduated from homeschool, I can see that these "failures" weren't really failures at all. Many times it was me adjusting my homeschool...
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I am The Weakest Link

I am The Weakest Link
Although I took calculus in college.... OK, that's not completely true. I actually took calculus TWICE in college because I failed it the first time! Allow me to start again....Although I have taken calculus repeatedly, I don't actually know any calculus right now. In fact, from the time my kids were in Algebra 2, I was completely lost. My boys both used Saxon Math with DIVE CD's for Advanced Math and Calculus, and we supplemented that...
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The Flip-side of Co-ops

I was speaking one day to a group of homeschoolers. During the Q&A time, one mother said to me, "Do I have to use co-ops for high school or is it possible to do it myself?" I was surprised. Of course you don't "have to" use co-ops. Co-ops can sometimes serve a purpose in home education. A lot has been written about the plus side of co-op classes so I probably don't need to reiterate these,...
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Too Many Credits??

I deal with the problem of "too many credits" now and then (I'm actually working on one right now.) You can handle it a few different ways. You can keep only the most recent credits. You can lower the credit value of all classes. You can eliminate classes that could also be considered an "activity" instead (so ballet would be an activity and not a PE credit.) You can pick and choose some classes to drop...
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Respecting your Young Men

Respecting your Young Men
A while ago, a portion of one of my newsletters was plagiarized. I consulted my in-house "lawyer in training" - my son Alex. Every time I think of our interaction that day, it really warms my heart. On Sunday, during our "Love and Respect" Sunday School class, I think I finally realized why Alex's help was so important to me that day. He was protecting me - which was demonstrating that he loved me. In the...
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Does General Science Count?

If your child is in 9th grade, and they take General Science, then in my opinion it's a high school credit - simply because your child is high school age. I figure that if a kid takes remedial anything in a public high school, they still put it on the transcript, right? Just label it "general science" so you're all above-board about it. If Physical Science was taken in 10th grade, then again it's a high...
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Money Saving Timeline Idea

For a home-made timeline, I bought a roll of paper at an office supply store. It was a lot cheaper, and because the paper was in a roll I didn't have to tape regular printer paper sheets together. The rolled paper came in handy for some other homeschooling things as well. We used it for math games, and for creative writing story outlines. Sometimes I had the kids write the name of the book we were...
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