Another Christmas morning and here I sit again at my PC waiting for the kids to get up.  The fact that they are 22 and 20 does not change anything on Christmas morning.  In my mind they are still 6 and 4 and probably haven't slept much all night with the excitement.  This year there are no big sleds or bicycles under the tree - their tastes now are for smaller/electronic toys and (miracle of miracles - clothes).  It will, no doubt, be a wonderful morning with my parents stopping by for brunch and to open presents once again.


Once again.... How many more of these Christmas mornings will we have.  Kevin is engaged to the lively and lovely Liz and Alex is quite "involved" with the delightful Cara.  Both are graduating in June and then will be off to the races.  Try as I might, I can't deny that this will be the last Christmas morning where they will emerge (eventually) from their beds and come and look at what Santa has brought.

My mom and dad are also aging (who knew that would happen....)  How many more Christmas mornings will we have to share Eggs Benedict, laughter and stories.  God only knows the answer.  All I know is that life is amazing and passes amazingly fast.  Do not fail to grasp and appreciate the one-of-a-kind wonder of EACH Christmas morning.  Your kids will grow and (if you are as lucky as us) go off to school and start on a life of their own.  They will always in some way be your babies, but they won't be kids anymore.

So today, slow down...Don't rush through the gifts, the breakfast, the visits, the laughter.  Soak it in and enjoy.  Take lots of photos and give lots of hugs.  You can't slow time, but you can make certain moments timeless.