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New Homeschoolers Starting High School

Last week I got a lot of phone calls from parents thinking about beginning to homeschool for the first time.  Last week in particular I spoke with two parents from different states who were dealing with chronic illnesses.  They each planned to begin homeschooling as a way to educate their child through cycles of illness and hospitalization.

New to #Homeschooling? @TheHomescholar can help!

If you have had your children in a public or private school, and plan to homeschool for the first time during high school, it can be a bit intimidating!  It helps to focus on what your child needs, and do keep other concerns at a distance.  If you know your child and trust yourself, you will be happy with your decision to homeschool.  It can be a perfect fit for your family!  Here are the resources that I thought would be a perfect fit beginners:

Preparing to Homeschool High School DVD

Gifted Education at Home: the general strategies would be great because of the stop-and-start nature of chronic illnesses, but it's even more of a fit because you mentioned she was in the honors program before.

Here is the article called "What IF?" about homeschooling through trauma.

And this is the "where do I begin" curriculum I usually recommend.  It's a literature based Christian curriculum with lots of "hand-holding" for parents, and it comes with a daily schedule so you can tell your child what you expect each day.  It's best for bright children, so I think it will be an excellent fit.  Since it's literature based, much of it you can take to the hospital with you, if need be.

For Freshman, look at Sonlight American History called Core 100

And Sonlight's Apologia Biology with science equipment

For older students, here is the link to Sonlight 300, the 20th Century World History.

Here is the Sonlight Apologia chemistry

Add a Sonlight Saxon math, if that is the right fit

If you are a Christian family, you may enjoy hearing about the scriptural basis for how you KNOW you can homeschool high school.

The "Convention at Home Kit" as an option to learning more about homeschooling, including how we got in to our first choice university, and how we achieved the full tuition scholarships.

When you have digested some information, or when you need support, you  might want to consider joining the Gold Care Club so that we can talk each week, and I can support you through the process.

I look forward to talking to you!  Have fun homeschooling - you'll LOVE it!


If you are curious about providing a great homeschool education for gifted children, check out my audio training, “Gifted Education at Home.“
Can't You Work For Even An Hour?
SAT Essay Preparation for Homeschoolers


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Friday, 18 September 2020

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