People often ask what books I recommend for high school.


This is my favorite for beginners, because it is relatively short and easy to read. I love the different transcript suggestions, and modeled mine after the ones in this book.

Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook by Cafi Cohen


This book I used a lot when trying to come up with course descriptions. It was a little bit more complicated - I don't think that life has to be so difficult.

The High School Handbook by Mary Schofield


This book was helpful to make sure I was on track for college. Again, it was a little complicated.

Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for College Admission by Jeanne Gowen Dennis


Many of the books I studied had one or two course descriptions from a family. One thing I really wanted was one single resource that showed me what one family had done for college admission. It didn't help me to see two courses, I wanted to see the whole thing from one family! When I began my business, that was the first thing that people wanted from me. They wanted to see MY complete course descriptions, so they could have a model for their own. I don't pretend that mine is perfect, but I know I would have loved to have seen a real example. I felt so lost, and I'm such a visual learner, that it would have really made life easier. If you are interested in what I did with my own students, here is a link where you learn more.


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