If you haven't been able to register for the October 2008 PSAT, you can relax!  I have mentioned on previous newsletters that some school districts register students in June, but other school districts don't register students until September.  My own school district didn't even BEGIN registering students until almost the deadline!  It makes it difficult for homeschoolers, I know.  If you can't register your students in June, then grab your calendar, and write "Register PSAT" on the second day of public school.  You can also try to find a private school in your area, to see if they offer the PSAT.  Sometimes they are more organized.

Signing up for the PSAT in June is sometimes possible.  When it's not possible, you have to sign up in September.  Either way, make sure you do it by the deadline - which is usually the second week of September.

Read more about the PSAT here:

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