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Meet Me at Convention!

Meet Me at Convention!

Can you feel the spring in the air? I can!  And, if you've been around homeschooling long enough, you know that can only mean one thing.... It's almost convention time!  

Conventions are great for allowing you a chance to do continuing education, find new curriculum by browsing through book upon book, and getting to interact with fellow homeschoolers.

I will be attending three conventions this year, and I would love to meet you! If you are in these areas, be sure to put them on your calendar and make a point to stop by and say hi!

    Of course, I will be teaching classes at all of these, too. These are some of the topics I'll be covering:

    • College Applications Simply Explained
    • High School Testing Simply Explained
    • Grades, Credits, and Transcripts
    • Super Scholarships for Your Humble Homeschooler
    • Homeschool Records That Open Doors
    • 12 Keys to Success
    • Scheduling is the Key to Sanity

    YOU are your child's best Counselor! Stay on top of continuing education by visiting a homeschool conference this year. 

    Conventions are such a great time to get encouragement - and to get your questions answered, too! Look at these fun people I've met in the past. And, I'd love to meet you, too! I love meeting homeschoolers!

    I hope you'll come see me and say hello!

    Scholarship Tips for Poor Test Takers
    Learn to Teach English the Easy Way!


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    Sunday, 24 January 2021

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