Master Vocabulary for Success

To understand high school subjects, achieve college success, or advance on the job, studies show that mastering vocabulary is the key. About 80% of comprehending academic textbooks is dependent upon understanding academic vocabulary.

This doesn't mean just learning ANY vocabulary words. It means learning the words specific to each subject. Even knowing that a "pistil" is part of a flower and not part of a cell can help you understand as you are reading the biology book. Knowing "hypotenuse" will help you when learning math.

Learning how to master the vocabulary will prepare your children to succeed in college and career. No matter where they go in the future, whether in college classes or on the job, learning the vocabulary is a key to getting ahead. Knowing "diaphoretic" was important for me to learn as a nurse. Vocabulary is always important. Teaching the vocabulary is critical for academic success, not to memorize facts, but to learn the ideas each word represents. 

It's not as hard as it sounds. The easiest way to be successful with any subject is to memorize and master the vocabulary. Just make a list of the words that are unfamiliar and review them each morning. By the end of the week, it's surprising how many you will know based on simple repetition alone.

Make it easier for your child to learn. Review vocabulary words daily to increase understanding.