March 2019 Gold Care Club Update

March 2019 Gold Care Club Update

New for this month...

How-to Training Courses

Quick Start: Christian Homeschool Success in High School
Beginner: Preparing to Homeschool High School - Live Convention Part 3/3
Intermediate: Simple Science for Homeschooling High School
Advanced: Upper Echelon Education
Encouragement: Jay Wile - Homeschooling: How and Why it Works

Member's Only Webinar

Please join my upcoming webinar!

High School English in Plain English

Date: April 4, 2019
Time: 1:00pm PST

Feeling stressed out by English? I sure was! There is so much to teach and so little time; every expert has their own opinion on which skills are critical. Let me explain high school English in plain English for you! I will explain what makes a high school English credit, and how to put it on a homeschool transcript. You will learn what to teach, what is required for high school, and what is necessary for college admission and success. Learn how to determine your own high school credits and how to calculate honest grades for your child's transcript. Find out which English skills are important and why. For parents of advanced students and struggling learners, I'll explain everything in simple, concrete terms. You'll enjoy this low-stress, friendly presentation.

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Additional Monthly Benefits

Schedule of the Month: Weekly Assignment Sheet
Course Description: English 2
Resource Pack: Delight Directed Learning
Ebook of the Month: Delight Directed Learning
The HomeScholar Library: All my latest articles from around the internet
Private Consultations: Instructions on how to reach me are below

Did You Know?

Did you know that we now have a new system where you can control your subscriptions? It's true! You are now able to cancel at any time simply by logging into the Members' Area of the website. When you hover over the Members' Area tab, you can click on "Your Subscriptions." Then simply click the red button to the right of the subscription you wish to cancel.Need to update an existing credit card or add a new one? You can also now control your credit card information under "Your Credit Cards" in the Members' Area menu. Now you know!As always, feel free to email us at if you need help!

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Where Do you Find the Faith to Homeschool?


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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

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