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In just a few hours the website will open up for orders of my latest solution, The Comprehensive Record Solution.    You can preview it now so that at noon you will have all the information you need to JUMP on those Fast Mover Bonuses.  Just remember, the order button will go live at exactly 12 Noon Pacific Time!

Here is the link:

Here's a summary of what you get with The Comprehensive Record Solution:

Module 1: Encourage

"Getting Acquainted" (Video or Audio Download)
"Why Bother Make a Comprehensive Record?" (Video or Audio Download)
The HomeScholar Sample Comprehensive Record E-book (PDF)
Samples of Success E-book (PDF)

Module 2: Equip
Comprehensive Record Template
Course Description Collection E-Book
HomeScholar Library of Standard Courses

Module 3: Educate
The Easy Truth About Course Descriptions E-book (PDF)
"Elements of a Comprehensive Record" (Video or Audio Download)
"Dealing with Special Situations" (Video or Audio Download)
"Submitting your Comprehensive Record to the Colleges" (Video or Audio Download)
"Turning Transcripts into Course Descriptions" (Video or Audio Download)
"How to Avoid Writing Course Descriptions" (Video or Audio Download)
"Putting it All Together" (Video or Audio Download)

Module 4: Empower
4 twenty-minute private phone consultations in the first 30 days after your purchase.
Call my toll-free number and we can talk about your ideas or issues.
Email me a document if you want to review it together.

Remember that EVERYONE who purchases will get these exciting bonuses!

Bonus 1
Making a High School Transcript Audio Course - a $15 value

Bonus 2
The "One-Hour Transcript" Workshop - - a $20 value.

Bonus 3
The HomeScholar High School Resource Pack - a $35 value.

Bonus 4
"Record Keeping" Video Training - a $20 value

Bonus 5
Answers to Your Questions on Grades, Credits and Records - a $20 value

Bonus 6
FREE trial membership in The Gold Care Club - valued at over $600

And we have the AMAZING Fast Mover Bonuses available only to the first 50 homeschool families that place an order!


*The HomeScholar Comprehensive Review of your Comprehensive Record (First 1) - a $500 value

Fast Mover **Bonus 1
"Preparing to Homeschool High School" DVD (First 3) - a $57 value

Fast Mover **Bonus 2
"Setting the Records Straight" Book (First 5) - a $25 value

Fast Mover **Bonus 3
"Getting the BIG Scholarships" DVD (First 7) - a $20 value

Fast Mover **Bonus 4
"Finding a College" DVD (First 9) - a $20 value

Fast Mover **Bonus 5
"Making the Grades" Online Training Class (First 25) - a $15 value

Fast Mover **Bonus 6
"Planning High School Courses" Online Training Class (First 50) - a $15 value

Fast Mover **Bonus 7
*"Keys to High School Success" Online Training Class (First 50) - Value $15

Fast Mover **Bonus 8
*"Setting the Records Straight" $20 off coupon (first 100) - Value $20

You can view the entire offer here. Note that the order links will not be live until (exactly) 12 noon.  And let's get that time nailed  down right now.  What exactly does noon PACIFIC TIME mean to you?

12:00 Noon Pacific Time
Hawaii-Aleutian.... 10:00 AM
Alaskan.................11:00 AM
Pacific...................NOON 12:00
Mountain.............. 1:00 PM
Central .................2:00 PM
Eastern ................3:00 PM
Atlantic................. 4:00 PM
Find your Time Zone Here

And what exactly does NOON mean to you? We will be following the clock on exactly.  If you have your heart set on those early responder bonuses, follow that clock, OK?

This is going to be great!  I am so excited to see who grabs these great bonuses!!

You're going to want to read the entire offer because I've included a lot of great homeschool high school information.

I'll see you at 11AM Pacific for the LIVE webinar and Noon for the launch!!

Remember the LIVE webinar begins at 11:00 AM Pacific!  (Just take that Time Zone chart above, and subtract one hour.)  I'll see you on that webinar.  Did you forget to register?  Don't worry! You can still register right HERE .   If you have your heart set on some of those AMAZING fast mover bonuses, this is definitely one webinar you will NOT want to miss!  I will also be revealing the winner of our blog contest.  That lucky winner will win a free copy of the Comprehensive Record Solution.

PPS.  The 8th video in my series on homeschool records takes you on a complete tour of our Comprehensive Record Solution and shows you some of the extra special features.  I will give you a sneak peak of exactly what you will receive when you order.  Watch the video here.
Comprehensive Record Solution Launch - The Results...
A Sneak Peek Inside the Comprehensive Record Solut...


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Monday, 30 November 2020

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