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Independent Study + Personalized Help + Fellowship = Membership

The Gold Care Club is a special support system for homeschool parents that want a helping hand or encouragement through the middle school and high school years. From "how do I start 7th grade" to "how do I get scholarships" the Gold Care Club is the perfect answer.

A portion of the Gold Care Club is Independent Study.

It includes 5 recorded classes each month, for beginners to advanced homeschool parents. It includes resources, tools, ebooks, and collections that change every month, intended to meet the learning style of every parent. And every month there is a live, members-only webinar with plenty of time for question and answer in the small, intimate group.

A portion of the Gold Care Club is Personalized Help

The Gold Care Club includes one consultation per week, by phone or by email. After we talk, I'll send additional reading, and full-length, hour-long classes, so parents can learn more about the issues they are facing, and gain the wisdom needed to make tough decisions throughout the high school years, with long-term goals in mind.

A portion of the Gold Care Club is Fellowship

Shared experience is so important! So many times, as I've spoken to my members, we have cried together, laughed together, and shared our experiences in non-judgmental and encouraging fellowship. Tears, praise, information, and support that can allow you to become successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Maria wrote to me to say "Thank you" and I went tripping down memory lane. It was so very challenging, and we shared so many tears, but look at how her long-term plan ended up! Successfully thriving young adults making marvelous choices!

"I received so much wonderful help and support from Lee over the years. I'm pleased with how the whole home school journey has turned out. Our oldest son is currently a junior in Mechanical Engineering. Our daughter is a sophomore in nursing working toward a BSN specializing in Women's Health at Christ College. Our youngest son is a sophomore in high school and attending our State Technical College. He plans to pursue a career path in law.

We would not be where we are without Lee. She was an amazing support to us in some of our MOST CHALLENGING times of our family lives. We thank her for all her wisdom and support."

~ Maria

What a blessing now, to see such happiness! Doing the happy dance with Maria today!

If you would like some personalized support, consider the Gold Care Club! Learn more - Gold Care Club



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Monday, 21 January 2019

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