How to Put Test Prep on the Transcript

When your child is working hard on studying for the SAT or ACT, you may be accumulating enough hours to make this a class, and put it on the transcript. Let me provide some simple do's and don'ts for putting test prep on a homeschool transcript.

You can find out everything you need to know about the SAT and ACT in my article, How to Ace the SAT or ACT.

Don't imply you are teaching to the test.

I don't recommend calling it test preparation or test prep, SAT preparation, or ACT preparation. Instead, I prefer to give the class a more general title. If you use the class title "SAT Prep" on your child's transcript it's like saying, "My child studied for the test for hundreds of hours and still this is the best score they could get."

Do imply your child is learning study skills needed to succeed in college classes.

"Study Skills" or "College Study Skills" is a more general name that's not test-specific, which implies they are ready for college level work. You can add any other study skills to that class, as well. If your child takes a prep class for another kind of test, or learns note-taking skills, then add that to you study skills class also.

Do Give Credit for Work Done.

For a credit value, estimate how many hours are spent. If your child racks up more than 75 hours, then give a semester's worth of credit. I usually put it in the "elective" section of the transcript.

Write Course Descriptions.

It's always important to write course descriptions, and this class is no exception. If you put a class on the transcript, I suggest you include a course description as well.

Suggested Study Guides for Tests.

SAT Preparation

The College Board Guide: Official Study Guide 2018 Edition
The Princeton Review Book: Cracking the SAT 2018

ACT Preparation

The Princeton Review Book: Cracking the ACT 2017 Edition
The ACT Company Book: The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2016 - 2017

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests: The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests by The College Board
Choose Study Guides for SAT Subject Tests: I prefer Princeton Review Books

AP Tests

Choose Study Guides for AP Subject Tests: I prefer Princeton Review Books

CLEP Exams

Take Sample CLEP Exams: CLEP Official Study Guide by The College Board 2017
Choose Study Guides for CLEP Exams: I prefer CLEP Study Guides by REA

I hope this is helpful. How do you prepare your child for high school tests?