How to Make an Official Home School Transcript [Infographic]
How do you make an official homeschool transcript? You translate your normal, natural homeschool experience into words and numbers that colleges understand. Create grades, credits, and GPA with your mommy-made grades and kitchen credits. Put "Official" on the title, and you're golden!

How to Calculate Credits
• One credit means
• One textbook or curriculum completed
• 120-180 hours of work
• Or about 1 hour a day

One half credit means
• Semester curriculum completed
• 60-90 hours of work
• Or about half an hour per day

How to Give Grades
Don't focus on tests, but give a grade based on
• What the student did
• What the student knows
• What the student produced

How to Calculate GPA
• Assign each class a credit value (e.g. 1 credit)
• Assign each class a numerical grade (e.g. 4.0)
• Calculate grade point for each class by multiplying a class credit by the class numerical grade
• Add all the grade points for all completed classes.
• Divide the total grade points by the total credits completed.
• The answer is the current grade point average.

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