How to Include Enrichment Experiences in Homeschool Records

Meaningful summer camps, important enrichment classes, and major life experiences that are educational ... what to do? Put it in your homeschool records! It's so important to help your child stand out! Sign up and learn how to make homeschool records that open doors.

Flummoxed? Befuddled? Let me break it down for you.

  • ​You can put experiences on the activity list on the transcript in a very short way - as short as class titles.
  • You can put meaningful activities or classes on your long activity list that is part of your comprehensive records - in long form, with details, but not in sentence or paragraphs.
  • Some huge experiences or summer camps might also be a class - like a summer school class, once you have 120+ hours of something, you can make it a class on the transcript.
  • Some experiences are significant, but not big enough for a stand-along class. In that case, it might be a portion of your course description for a class taught at home - like an elongated and more important field trip.
What to write first?

When listing activities on your transcript or activity list, put the most significant and important things first.
  1. ​Things that are 4 years long first.
  2. Then things that aren't 4 years.
  3. Then things that are less important.
  4. Then things that were a one time, less important event.
So...Transcript or activity list?

It's ok for a class to be on a transcript and also on the activity list. When I was in high school, I was involved in Choir. I received high school music credit for the time I was in the class, but it was also listed as an activity on my transcript.It's important to avoid double-dipping with high school credit, and only recording each experience as one high school credit. However, you can also use those experiences as an activity. Just like my high school choir class was a high school credit class and a high school activity.