You may be wondering how anyone can take mommy grades seriously. I know you are worried, but your home-made grades really do matter when homeschooling high school!

Yes, you are biased in grades, as all teachers are biased based on how much they like or don't like each individual student.

A study was conducted by the National Centre for Social Research in the UK shows that bias can occur in schools. The research involved more than 2,000 teachers and showed that teacher bias gives better marks to their favorite student. You can read more about teachers and bias in this article in Time Magazine: All Teachers Should Be Trained To Overcome Their Hidden Biases.

But that's not the point. The point is that ALL teachers worry about bias. Not just you.

Yes you are motivated to want your child to get good grades, but so are school teachers whose pay is roughly tied to the performance of their students - so they want the students to get A's as well.

Yes, we want our children to get objectively good grades. We also want our child to work hard, and we expect them to understand concepts before moving on. But really, isn't the point of an A grade ultimately "working hard and understanding"? If that's what you expect from your child, they will get good grades, whether you are biased or not.

What is unique in homeschooling is our ability to ensure that solid grades happen. We have the ability to stop, repeat, relearn, and retest until a child finally understands a concept. While it may look weird to have such good grades, as homeschoolers, we can teach to excellence and be confident in the results.

If you REALLY want to do research on making grades, this may help....

1. You can take my free class, A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits, and Transcripts.
2. You can read my short book, Making the Grades: A Grouch-Free Guide to Homeschool Grading.
3. You can read this short article, How to Make a Homeschool Transcript.
4. You can jump in with both feet, and make your transcript today, with The Total Transcript Solution.

Yes, homeschool grades are legitimate. And, yes, you are qualified. 

I hope you feel empowered to go grade your child's work with confidence! You can do this and make a wonderful transcript for your child.