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How to Be the Best College Coach for Your Child

Preparing your child for college launch is more complex than it used to be. Desperate parents are increasingly turning to professional coaches that cost thousands. You can be your child's best college coach.

The college launch is when you launch your sweet child into life – the real world – after homeschooling. So, it is the culmination of your child's homeschool preparation. In this book, launch refers primarily to the launch into college, but can also mean your child's launch into career or trade school.

While this book is written for homeschool families, parents of public and private school students will also find helpful information to supplement the guidance counselor advice their teens may (or, more likely, may not) be getting in high school.

You know those red light cameras in big cities? They snap pictures when you don't stop for the red. You might be 100 percent certain you came to a full and complete stop at the red light . . . until you are confronted with the recording from the red light camera!

In a similar way, you might be 100 percent confident that you and your child are ready for what comes after graduation – but suddenly you are confronted with inadequate college offers that will result in a mountain of debt. Or maybe you will be confronted by an inert mass of humanity lying shiftless and jobless on your couch for six months. This can be like looking at a piece of abstract art entitled "Failure to Launch."

 In this book, I'll help you understand all the elements to successfully coach your teen through the concluding act of high school – their graduation. I will teach you the launch sequence, as your child blasts off into adulthood.

Despite what you may have heard, getting into college and earning big scholarships isn't that tricky. You simply need to understand the game and follow simple, proven, logical steps.

I'm glad you are here because this information is important now – long before 12th grade starts – so you know what you need to pay attention to and what is merely noise you can ignore. I'm going to teach you what you need to know and the sequence you should follow for best success.

But first, let me tell you what this book is not. It's not a promise of a full scholarship, great riches, or a guarantee of admission to your favorite Ivy league school. But I can promise that you will walk away with a deeper understanding of this critical phase of your parenting career. And I can promise you tools that will let you assess your readiness for the next stage. Parents who understand the launch sequence and take active steps to accomplish these goals will be much further along to help their children achieve their dreams for college and life.

As The HomeScholar, I've been helping parents gain the confidence they need to homeschool from middle school through high school graduation since 2006. I excel at taking complex information and giving it to parents in a way that makes them feel confident and empowered instead of fearful and inadequate. I am proud to be known as "the homeschool consultant who won't make you cry." I strive to bring calmness and sanity to my writings and presentations.

By the end of this book, you will know exactly how to be your student's best college coach, including what is involved in a successful college admission result and launch of your young adult. Better still, you will evaluate your readiness for this final chapter of your homeschooling career and honestly assess where you have gaps in your knowledge and might need additional help. 

This post includes a chapter from my book, How to Be Your Child's Best College Coach, which is part of my Coffee Break Book series. It is a short 131 pages that can be read in a single sitting while drinking a cup of coffee. Easily digestible information that's never overwhelming, while giving you the tools you need to tackle the task of being the best college coach you can be! Download it now!

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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