Do not shy away from the creation-evolution debate. While not critical to teach to younger children, high school students need to have some understanding on both sides of the debate.  Although we didn't shy away from the debate in our homeschool, I wish I had covered the topic even more.


Students need to become informed so they can provide reasoned arguments  for their beliefs. Without understanding the issues, they can't reasonably form their own belief system. They need this information for some tests, particularly the biology AP and CLEP exams.

I felt that I had done a good job of covering the issues. We had numerous books on the topic at home, and we used Apologia science textbooks, which have an explanation of the creationist viewpoint. We didn't shy away from evolution and some of our school books came from an evolution standpoint. My children understood the concepts of evolution, and could explain their own beliefs to others.

Even so, one of my children has since wondered if I didn't cover evolution enough. I carefully explained (again) our many discussions and books on the issue. I think he was remembering only the creationist material, and had forgotten the other material. It was interesting to me that he would have preferred MORE information on evolution. He felt that it could have prepared him better in college.

If you are concerned about teaching evolution in your home, consider carefully the age of your student. At some point you want them to become an adult, and learn about a variety of different opinions so they can develop their own. You  want them to face the culture with their beliefs firmly attached - beliefs based on fact, rather than ignorance. With information and discussion you can strengthen your child's ability to stand firm.


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