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How Do I Count High School Credits?

Hello, I received your newsletter from a friend and I am looking foward to being part of The HomeScholar.  I have a question regarding High School credits.... Would Grammar and Vocab be a separate English Credit, and American Lit. a separate credit, or would I count it all as one credit under English?

My daughter will be entering grade 9.  I plan for her to use Notgrass American History which is suppose to cover one credit each in Bible, American History, and American Lit.  I also plan to use Easy Grammar grade 9, and Vocabulary from the roots up grade 9.  Would these two shorter classes fall in with the American Lit class?  Or can I count Grammar and Vocabulary as another credit?  Or half credit since she will probably only spend 30 minutes (give or take) a day on them.

How do you recommend to do credits?  By hours spent on a subject?  Or by full year course, or half year?

Thanks for your time,

~ Ann in Iowa

Dear Ann,

When a curriculum company tells you how many credits their program is, then you can use that information on your transcript.  If Notgrass says that it covers 1 credit each of Bible, American History, and American Literature, then that is what I would put on her transcript.

Additional grammar and vocabulary are all part of an English course.  If it were me, I would include Easy Grammar and Vocabulary From The Roots Up as portions of her English credit that is called "American Literature."  Most high school English courses will have more than "just" literature, so it's pretty natural to include grammar and vocabulary as well.  So yes, I would have those fall in with the American Lit class.

Credits is a measure of how long and how hard you study a class.  You can measure that in feet or meters - or in transcript talk, that means you can measure it in "books" or "hours."  Either way of measuring is fine.  If you measure by the "book" like with Notgrass, then it's a little easier than counting hours.  Measuring credit by the hour is useful when you aren't using a book, like for PE or art or non-textbook activities.

These are the kinds of questions that I answer in great detail in my Total Transcript Solution.  It would be a great resource for a parent with a 9th grader.  First of all, I do recommend starting your transcript this year, and the Solution can obviously help with that.  It comes with 10 downloadable transcript templates, so you can choose a variety of formats, whichever one looks pretty to you.

The Total Transcript Solution purchase also comes with a free month to my Silver Training Club.  That is a membership website that has audio courses, video courses, and other downloadable helpful tools.  The training courses have handouts that you can print at home.  The first month is free, so you can see if you like. After the first month, membership at $27 per month.

I hope I answered your questions thoroughly enough for you!  Let me know if you have more questions!


Check out my new YouTube page and subscribe.  I will be adding video training clips there from time to time.
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Friday, 25 September 2020

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