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Homeschools are Like Sea Lions!

I was so excited!  I was looking out my mom's window, and I saw a sea lion swimming by!  I have seen harbor seals before, both alive and "not so alive" but this was my first sea lion in her back yard!  It was thrilling!

I was a little surprised at the difference between harbor seals and sea lions.  In fact, we had quite a discussion about it.  When you see them swimming in the distance, they look VERY similar.  It wasn't until using the binoculars that I could really tell the difference.  It's mostly about weight.  Harbor seals are perhaps 200 pounds, and sea lions are about 800 pounds.  From a distance, the sea lion looked like a large black dog swimming along - a dog with REALLY good breath control underwater!

Homeschools are like looking at a backyard Pinniped.  You really can't tell much unless you look at it from different perspectives.  The parents that call me sometimes feel like they aren't doing enough.  They may mention a few subjects that work well, but then moan about things that aren't going so good.  They often forget some big pieces of the puzzle - things they can't see to really notice from their perspective.

One mom failed to include on her transcript the time her son spent swimming - two hours of swimming each day.  She was very concerned about the geography that wasn't working, but didn't recognize that her son was doing quite well in World History and that the two subjects were both in the category of social studies - a duplicate!

Think about how a seal can look like a sea lion, and then take a look at your homeschool with a fresh eye.  Are you thinking you have a 200 pound high school, when really it's 800 pounds?  It can happen!

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Guest - Pandora Books (website) on Thursday, 03 December 2009 08:23

I think some parents often focus on the small issue and fail to see the bigger picture. It's wise to always have a holistic view on things - and that's not just with regards to education.

I think some parents often focus on the small issue and fail to see the bigger picture. It's wise to always have a holistic view on things - and that's not just with regards to education.
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Sunday, 24 January 2021

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