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Free Workshop with Dr. Jay Wile: Homeschooling How and Why it Works

If you're like me, you have seen a lot of headlines recently about how homeschool students have dominated national spelling and geography bees and have been awarded the best scholarships that our most elite universities have to offer.

Discover why homeschooling high school crushes all other school choices to produce the best educated, best equipped citizens … just when this country needs them the most! 

"Exploring Creation..." author and homeschool expert, Dr. Jay Wile gives you the information you need to answer the naysayers, silence the critics, and convince the skeptics.

Click to Join this Workshop

You may have struggled dealing with the almost non-stop flood of negative stereotypes of homeschoolers as anti-social, brainwashed, fundamentalist freaks that the media so happily delivers to your TV. But underneath the headlines and the "spin" lies 5 inescapable truths...

  1. Homeschooling works amazingly well.
  2. Homeschooling works regardless of your race or religion
  3. Homeschooling works regardless of your level of education or level of income
  4. Homeschooling works regardless of whether or not your state has "homeschool friendly" policies
  5. Homeschooling just plain works! And new researcher can tell you exactly HOW and WHY!

Register here and join us live.

In this amazing one-hour webinar, Dr. Jay Wile presents all of the most recent research and data about how homeschoolers compare with their public, private and Catholic school counterparts. He breaks it down by all the different demographics and proves that regardless of your current situation, homeschooling can be a great choice for your family. Then, after he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt HOW homeschooling works, he goes further to tell you exactly WHY it works! You will learn the principles and practices of modern homeschooling family that almost guarantee your family's success!

Dr. Wile is uniquely qualified to teach this class. He became involved in the homeschooling movement because of the excellent homeschool graduates he encountered while he was on the faculty at Ball State University. Over the years, he has followed the academic and professional literature to see how others have evaluated homeschooled students, and the results are clear: homeschooling works very well. On average, homeschooled students are academically superior to their peers, they are more likely to be involved in their community than their peers, and they are more likely to be enjoying life than their peers. They also have some very encouraging things to say when they are asked to evaluate homeschooling. In this talk, Dr. Wile reviews some of the studies that demonstrate these facts, and he also speculates on why homeschooling works so well. In addition, he shares some words of encouragement and advice from homeschool graduates.

Beyond the rhetoric, stereotypes and conventional wisdom, there is a story here that needs to be heard.

Sign up today to access "Homeschooling - Discovering How and Why it Works." You are going to want to share it with ALL your relatives and friends. I promise it will convince skeptics and believers alike that homeschooling works.

Are you ready for answers to critics' questions?

Register here and join us live!

Avoid panic - learn how - get confident - stay informed - be encouraged! 

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Thursday, 29 October 2020

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