Electives can be a million different things, and homeschoolers have limitless possibilities in the variety of classes they can give their children.  When you provide a unique class, it might be a regular subject area, or it might be an elective, or it might be an activity.   Every situation is unique, but I can provide a general rule of thumb that may help if you have an unusual question like Judi.
I have your books Setting the Records Straight and Easy Truth but I haven't found the answer to my question yet. If I missed it just direct me to the chapter. Here is the question. My kids do livestock judging year round. They have practice for 1.5 hours per week and compete around the state. A competition will take 3 to 4 hours. I am wondering if I should list this as an elective for credit but I still want to list all the competitions and awards earned. Not sure of the best way to record this.

Graff Land and Livestock.com

If you don't have enough hours to call it a credit, then call it an activity. If you need it to fulfill credits in a particular area, like occupational education, then use it there. If it fits clearly into a subject area (like 4H handicrafts fit nicely into art) then use it there. If neither of those fit, then I usually suggest listing it as an elective. I would call it "Elective:  Animal Husbandry" - or search local colleges for a more appropriate name for the class.   You can list the competitions and awards in a course description about that class.

Here is a blog post that might help.

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