My son went out for a "Roomies" activity at college.  I'm not completely sure, but I think it's a boys dorm room and a girls dorm room go out together for an organized activity.  When Alex went out, for example, this group of college kids went ice skating, out to "bubble tea" (think college-age version of Starbuck's) and then (as a group) to the park to look at the city lights.

Let me just say, first of all, that my son is having a TON of fun at college!  What a total blast!  Can I have some good, clean fun too?

But we were discussing ice skating, and he said it was really fun!  It reminded me of my first week of homeschooling.  The boys were in 3rd and 5th grade when we started our journey.  Our first week of school (third day of homeschooling, actually!) we went with a homeschool group to the "homeschool skate" for roller skating.  We walked into the Skate Deck, and when I looked at the floor, I saw a small child fall pretty hard.  Immediately, teenagers came out of the woodwork!  A whole group of teens skated up to the young child, scooped him off, and skated with him over to his mother at the side.  I was stunned!  I had never imagined that it was possible for teenagers to act in such a kind and responsible manner!  It was shocking!  I remember going home and telling my husband, "we have absolutely made the RIGHT decision to homeschool!  If homeschoolers can raise teenagers to act like that, then homeschooling is exactly what we should be doing!"  I had been around a lot of teens, but that was an unusual display of character, and it really affected us.

We continued with our weekly trips to the Skate Deck for PE.  I had seen the PE class in public school for years.  They played games, but mostly what I heard from my children was about how long they had to wait in line during class.  In contrast, our homeschool PE class involved one full hour (or was it two?) of skating.  Actual physical activity.  My children learned a physical skill that they could use throughout their lives.  Here we are with college age students, and they are able to enjoy "Roomies" activities because our homeschool PE class taught skating instead of waiting in line!  Our PE may not have covered some things, but my kids do know how to roller skate, bowl, swim, ski, and play soccer.

Homeschool PE has benefits even now.


Uh oh...Big storm coming into Seattle tonight!  Oh No!  What if we lose power on Launch Day!!?  Time to pray!!!... We'll keep you posted (assuming we have power!!)