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Homeschool for Long Term Success

Elizabeth faced some tough times while homeschooling high school (details have been omitted) but she was able to achieve wonderful long term success! I'm sure thankful for homeschooling - aren't you?

"I just wanted to share our success story with you. I started following your site during the high school years.

I homeschooled my daughter all her life. She graduated college with honors and works as a staff auditor for a CPA firm. Her long term goal is be able to stay home and home school her own children some day. She impressed her professors.

After reading your 50 reason to homeschool, I felt like I wanted to share our story with you. We had many bumps along the road. She would have never made it in a public school setting. She made a huge comeback in high school and exceeded our college expectations."

~Elizabeth in Louisiana

I love hearing success stories! Do you have one to share?



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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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