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"Hi Lee, I've used your site often since I began homeschooling high school, and now my oldest is on track to graduate in June. I just read your e-book Focus on the Future and had to write and thank you for all of the information and encouragement! It's been so great to have your practical help (a few years ago, I even talked to you on the phone) and reassurance. My son nailed the ACT (34) and is planning to attend a private college. The sticker price is $36,000, but already the college has given him $27,000 in grants and scholarships! Thanks so much for your support!" ~ Marie on Facebook

The Ebook Focus on the Future is a free, instant download for YOU, the homeschool parent, to encourage you to go the distance with confidence.

This free book will give you tips and tricks for:

  • Writing perfect course descriptions
  • Handling the end of homeschooling
  • Preparing your child for military careers after homeschool
  • Navigating the 9 steps to high school graduation
  • Guiding struggling learners to college
  • Taming your middle school anxiety
  • Inspecting your senior's progress with a checklist
  • Evaluating if you are cooped up in a homeschool co-op
  • Learning how to put co-op classes on homeschool records
  • Translating your homeschool feelings so your spouse understands
  • Learning to answer friends who don't support homeschooling
Plus you'll get other online resources for homeschooling!

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