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[Free Book] Focus on the Future

Find simple, straightforward tips, tricks and encouragement that will help you teach your teen with confidence in my 2018 yearbook. 

Grab this free book now so you can Focus on the Future with your teen!

Focus on the Future, my 4th Annual Yearbook of top homeschooling articles, will give you tips and tricks for:

  • ​How to Write Perfect Course Descriptions
  • The End of Homeschooling: When Did My Baby Grow Up?
  • Military Careers After Homeschool
  • 9 Easy Steps: High School Graduation Checklist
  • College for Struggling Learners
  • Taming Middle School Anxiety
  • 15 Point Senior Year Inspection Checklist
  • Cooped Up in a Co-op?
  • How to Put Co-op Classes on Homeschool Records
  • Needed: Homeschool Mom Decoder
  • 4 Tried and True Methods to Answer Friends Who Don't Support Homeschooling
  • And, other online resources for homeschooling!
Download this free book now and enjoy! Let me know in the comments which parts of the book help you the most in your homeschool!


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Thursday, 21 March 2019

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