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As you create your transcript, make sure that you speak a college's love language of grades, credits, and GPA. At the same time, recognize that you do not have to change your homeschool at all. School at home is not required in order to collect grades, credits, and GPA, but you must explain things thoroughly and translate your homeschool into the love language of colleges.

Often I get questions from un-schoolers who are very outside the box, who want to put the very best spin on their homeschool, but who don't want to use tests. Tests are not really necessary to learning. You can evaluate students in a normal way without using tests or fill-in the bubble tests. I do encourage you to have your child take the standardized tests, either the SAT or the ACT, because no matter how you translate on to a transcript, colleges will also want an SAT or ACT score.

Usually there are some courses that colleges want to see on a transcript, even if your child didn't love it. You can decide that you are un-schooler, but you'll need to intentionally teach some subjects your child does not naturally learn. Alternatively, you can allow them to become an adult and have to do this exact same thing: learn subjects intentionally at the community college in order to go to college. Whatever you decide, remember that you want to translate, not change, the classes that your children learn naturally. As you translate, however, it's important to be honest and true.

Other things simply can't be translated. If your child plays with Legos all day long, that probably isn't something that you can put on their high school transcript. If they use Lego Mindstorm though, you could work that into a robotics class. If they're just putting Lego bricks together and making architectural things, that's not quite the same as studying architecture, so that should be left off the transcript.

The final key concept is that you're not just preparing a transcript; you are preparing your child to leave home. Homeschooling will eventually end: your child will grow up, leave home, and live alone, and they need to have adult survival skills. Whether you can put it on their transcript or not, those survival skills are incredibly important. Remember that their success includes the ability to leave home and live alone.

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Whether you homeschool traditionally or your homeschool is an oddball mix of traditional and eclectic, core subjects and delight directed learning, you will learn exactly how to capture all of those experiences on a transcript that colleges will love!



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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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