Formula for Putting Dual Enrollment on a High School Transcript

For all classes on the transcript, I recommend either a whole or half credit, not smaller or larger. Here an easy to remember "formula" for dual enrollment college classes: 

College credits to high school credits 

6 = 1 high school credit
5 = 1 high school credit
4 = 1 high school credit
3 = either way, 1 or 1/2 credit, your preference
2 = 0.5 high school credit
1= 0.5 high school credit

High schools across the nation may put dual enrollment classes on the high school transcript differently. Each one determines their own policy. You get to determine your own policy too, based on what is best for your child. I find this formula to fit almost everyone. 

College classes are not measured the same as high school classes, and the content goes 2-3 times faster than a high school class, so their number values are completely different. It's like measuring in feet and meters - they both use numbers, but the numbers aren't measured the same. 

Remember that all college classes mean that college must send an official transcript to the university where you are applying.

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