Wow.  I guess it worked.  Fine Arts was my "great failing" in homeschool high school.  I tried to expose my kids to some Fine Arts during high school but, honestly, it was a pretty pathetic effort.   Fast forward two years.  According to facebook, here is what my son did this weekend at college:
Alex loved "The Marriage of Figaro" yesterday, went to the Seattle Art Museum today, and is going to "Rhapsody in Blue" at the Seattle Symphony tonight. The pattern is starting to damage my street cred...


When the kids were in high school., one of the things I did was buy the "Composers" CD collection from Costco one year (I know, pretty lame).  During quiet reading and lunch, I would turn on the classical musics.  They were given a one page biography of the composer we were listening to, but mostly it was just about listening to the music, and trying to identify the title of the piece now and then.  It was certainly an inexpensive way to learn about classical music.

For artists, I simply went to the library.  I would check out one book a week, usually something written for young adults so we could avoid nudes.  They were able to read the small book quickly, and look over all the pieces the artist was famous for.  It was a brief introduction.  Apparently it was successful.

I'm amazed that someone like me, who is "not gifted in fine arts" can raise someone who enjoys it so much!  Woo Hoo!


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