Feeling Freaked Out or Anxious About the Coming Year? 

The hardest part about homeschooling is when you are faced with something new.  The first time you had to teach a child to write in cursive, or mulitply, for example, it was pretty intimidating. If you are feeling stressed about the coming year, chances are you are faced with something new.  These are my "OH MY GOODNESS I'M PANICKING!" articles that I hope will talk you down from the ledges!

taming middle school anxiety

Taming Middle School Anxiety

Read this article for some suggestions for homeschool parents on how they can gain a healthy perspective about middle school education and prepare their children for their high school years.

Read the article and tame your fears!

Homeschooling High School for Freaked Out and Terrified Parents

My biggest fans are parents who live in "the real world" of real stress. They range from slightly terrified to freaked out! They often feel overwhelmed by details, and crave simplicity. They need minimal information in order to retain their sanity. If given too much information, they become immobilized with fear. Some even panic and bail out of homeschooling. For freaked out and terrified parents, let me explain high school in the simplest terms so you can enter the next stage confidently.

Read the article and calm your nerves!

homeschool high school for freaked out and terrified parents. @TheHomeScholar

Stay CalmMy goal is to convince you that you will WIN this battle over fear and become a confident parent of your homeschooled teen!  Please remember to relax and have fun, too!  Don't work yourself and your students to the point of frustration.  Regular breaks may help you to get more done in the long run - AND preserve your sanity.