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February Newsletter Giveaway

Time Travel: Writing Historical Fiction ($49.95 value)

Our partner this month is Susan Evans with Hands on Learning. Susan is donating a great, historical writing package, where kids travel through time while writing about their adventures! 

Time Travel: Writing Historical Fiction is an online creative writing course for kids. With costumes and scenery, Susan Evans brings to life each of seven time periods and shows students how to make weak writing stronger. Each class contains a short introduction to the time period, after which the students write the story. On a different day, the students can watch the revision section of that time period, so that they can learn how to revise their own stories. Finally, a creative writing course that teaches children how to revise their own writing with little or no work for the parent! 

This set of 8 online classes is perfect for students ages 6-18 and can be done once a week for 8 weeks, or it can be a full writing curriculum for a year, ending with a fun novel. 

These are the time periods covered by the class: 
  • Session 1: Ancient Egypt 
  • Session 2: Ancient Greece 
  • Session 3: Ancient Rome 
  • Session 4: Middle Ages 
  • Session 5: Vikings 
  • Session 6: Pilgrims 
  • Session 7: Revolutionary War 
  • Session 8: Grand Finale Day
I will draw one winner on February 8. Good luck to all who enter!
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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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