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Enter to Win Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight is having a great giveaway! If you order their new 2009 catalog between now and June 1st, you will be entered into a chance to win a FREE year of Sonlight. You’ll get the entire Newcomer package or its equivilant (for Cores 6 & up).  If you've ever thought about Sonlight, this is a great opportunity.

We loved Sonlight in our homeschool.  I believe having a literature-based homeschool, especially in the early years, set my boys up for high school and college success.  Check it out and see if you agree!


When my boys won their full-tuition scholarships to Seattle Pacific University, I decided to devote myself full time to help other homeschool parents successfully navigate the high school years.  Parents who know that they want to graduate their students from homeschool but are uncertain on how to do it, and not confident they can succeed! But let's face it, even parents who are fully committed to homeschooling high school can use a little encouragement from time to time!  Well, you CAN succeed and I can help.

The HomeScholar Gold Care Club launches on April 21 at noon Pacific Time.  Be one of the first to join and you will win some AMAZING prizes.  More details to come!
He is Risen Indeed!
Homeschool Physics - An Apologia Success Story

Comments 1

Guest - Luke Holzmann (website) on Monday, 13 April 2009 07:36

Thanks for sharing this opportunity with your readers.


Thanks for sharing this opportunity with your readers. ~Luke
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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

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