How to get high school credits in middle school? That's a big question! If you are sure your child is doing high school level work in an academic subject area like math, science, or foreign language in middle school, put that on your transcript and earn early high school credits!

Early High School Credits Earned in Middle School

Why? Because when it's honest and true it goes on the transcript. And because schools do it too!

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I stumbled on the Frederick County Public Schools website describing their policy.


The Maryland State Board of Education allows local boards of education to grant graduation credit to middle school students who take high school courses in middle school. These courses must have the same expectations, curriculum and final exams as the equivalent courses taught in high school.The following FCPS middle school courses have been identified for high school credit:

• Algebra 1
• Geometry
• World Language levels 1 & 2 (i.e. German 1, 2, Spanish 1, 2, Latin 1, 2, French 1, 2, etc)

Students who pass these courses and the final exam will automatically be granted high school credit. These grades will be reflected on the student’s high school transcript and included in cumulative GPA calculations.

So, if your child is in middle school, he or she can still earn high school credit. If they have done Algebra 1 or higher, high school biology or higher, or high school foreign language, then it does go on the transcript. One way to determine if a class is a high school class is to look at the curriculum description from the producer of the class in question. Often, they will say if it is a high school class or not. Electives typically aren't considered high school classes, but an advanced history class might be. It's also a good idea to check your state homeschool requirements to see if there are any regulations for your state regarding this. (Just be sure you are looking at HOMESCHOOL requirements and not public school requirements. They are generally not the same.)

Early High School Credits Earned in Middle School

There was an article in The Columbus Dispatch a couple of years ago, called "Middle-schoolers get additional shots at taking high-school courses." In Hilliard, 8th graders are eligible to take classes for high-school credit, including science, math and foreign languages.

Are you surprised?

As a side note, it is really quite interesting the angle that the public school article takes. They claim that by allowing students to take high school classes early, they will burn out, like in sports when too much is allowed too soon. The article goes on to say that the public school works closely with the parents to decide whether it is a good idea to allow middle school students to take those early classes. The beauty of homeschooling is you know your student best, and you know when they are ready. Homeschooling is a go-at-your-own-pace world, and our kids often thrive because of it.
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Will your child earn Early High School Credits?

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