Do most colleges actually care about letter grades from homeschoolers, or are they much more interested in test scores? ~ Julie

Dear Julie,

Colleges really *DO* care about grades from homeschoolers.  Some colleges prefer letter grades (A, B, C) and some colleges prefer number grades (4.0, 3.0, 2.5) and other college don't have a preference as long as you give some grades at all.

Colleges do care about test scores for homeschoolers, just like they care about test scores for others.  Those test scores should reflect the grades the homeschool parent provides.  In other words, excellent test scores should accompany excellent grades.

Many colleges will tie scholarship money to grades and GPA.  If you give homeschool grades, you can access that scholarship money.  Without grades, colleges may have to ASK you to go back to give your child grades.  If they don't ask, you may simply be out the financial aid.

I know some homeschool parents feel uncomfortable giving grades.  Colleges, however, need to be able to quantify schools, and that's how they do it.  I know some parents who have chosen to create a transcript without grades. Many have written me later to say it was a mistake, and to explain how much money they lost in scholarships because they did not give grades.

Remember that public school teachers who give grades are also subjective humans.  Like you, they can only do their best to provide grades they know to be honest and true.  I encourage homeschoolers to do that as well - provide grades they know to be honest and true.  Let the colleges handle it from there.

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