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Comprehensive Record Solution Launch - The Results Are In!

What a fun launch!  These are the winners of the fast mover bonuses!  But if you are feeling left out, check below for a special offer and a new bonus for ordering!

Comprehensive Record Solution

Fast Mover Grand Prize:  Comprehensive Review of your Comprehensive Record
* First Customer * Value $500

1. Kimberly Strid of Renton, Washington
Kim gets ALL the prizes - the whole kitnkaboodle!  She wins our Grand Prize AND gets Fast Mover Bonuses 1 - 8 below!

Fast Mover Bonus 1:  "Preparing to Homeschool High School" DVD
First 3 Customers * Value $57

2. Susy Monroe of Woodinville, Washington
3. Michelle Hayward of Demorest, Georgia

Susy and Michelle were nearly as quick and win Fast Mover Bonuses No. 1 - 8!  They got so many bonuses, I can't fit it all in one box!

Fast Mover Bonus 2:  "Setting the Records Straight" Book
First 5 Customers * Value $25

4. Kelly Kaiser of Elizabeth, Colorado
5. Lorna Harangozo of Cottam, Ontario, Canada

Just behind were Kelly and Lorna.  They win Fast Mover Bonuses 2 - 8.

Fast Mover Bonus 3:  "Getting the BIG Scholarships" DVD
First 7 Customers * Value $20

6. Wendy Hanks of Lancaster, Ohio
7. Tonya Ronstadt of Sumas, Washington

Wendy and Tonya win Fast Mover Bonus 3 - 8!  These bonuses are awesome to share with teenagers, by the way.

Fast Mover Bonus 4:  "Finding a College" DVD
First 9 Customers * Value $20

8. Michaél Friedlein of Winchester, Oregon
9. Elizabeth Gill of Livonia, Michigan

Michaél and Beth win Fast Mover Bonuses 4 - 8!

Fast Mover Bonus 5:  "Making the Grades" Online Training
First 11 Customers * Value $10

10. Amannda Schneider of Redmond, Washington
11. Sandra Morley of Lenox, Massachusetts

Rounding up the top 11 are Amannda and Sandra, who have won the great Fast Mover Bonuses 5 - 8!

Winners will be sent an email with directions on how they can access the online training class, and handouts.  Winners, please make sure you check your inbox!

Fast Mover Bonus 6:  "Planning High School Courses" Online Training
First 25 Customers * Value $10

25 people were fast enough to win this great bonus - far too many to list!  Winners will receive information by email.

Fast Mover Bonus 7:  "Keys to High School Success" Online Training
First 50 Customers * Value $10

50 people were fast enough to win this great bonus! Winners will be notified by email.   Please check your inbox!

Fast Mover Bonus 8:  $20 Coupon for "Setting the Records Straight"
First 100 Customers * Value $20

100 people were fast enough to win this great bonus! Winners will be emailed a special coupon code so they can order the book for just $4.95.

Comprehensive Record Solution

Congratulations to all of our winners!   I am so excited to be able to deliver this quality homeschool training to you and I am thrilled to be able to give even more help to 100 lucky families.

If you are still undecided about purchasing the Comprehensive Record Solution, I want to encourage you to not wait too long.  The $97 launch price will be going away on December 6. The Comprehensive Record Solution will begin selling at its Regular price of $147 beginning on December 7.

PS.  If you missed the launch webinar yesterday, you can catch the replay here.  We had tremendous feedback on the content of this webinar so I know it will be worth your time.  Watch it here.

PPS.  If you need just a little more encouragement, if you order today I will include an additional special bonus:   The HomeScholar's "Homeschooling High School Excellence" Online Training Class.  This one hour audio and video training session will set the course for you to create a high school experience for your student that will launch them successfully into college and to life.

Order here:

Quick Before the Price Goes Up!


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Monday, 28 September 2020

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