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[Video Tip] How to Send Homeschool Records to College

[Video Tip] How to Send Homeschool Records to College
This short video will show you what my records looked like when I submitted my homeschool records , because sometimes you just need to see it with your own eyes to have a picture of what your own should look like. You can learn more about creating yo...
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How to Include Enrichment Experiences in Homeschool Records

How to Include Enrichment Experiences in Homeschool Records
Meaningful summer camps, important enrichment classes, and major life experiences that are educational ... what to do? Put it in your homeschool records! It's so important to help your child stand out! Sign up and learn how to make homeschool records...
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Recent Comments
Karen Carlin
You made my day! This was the exact topic that woke me this morning! I am following your amazing advise and getting my transcripts... Read More
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 15:29
Karen Carlin
Sorry! I was hitting the 5 stars and my finger missed and submitted 1.5 stars by accident! It won't let me retract.
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 15:33
Lee Binz
Thank you so much for your encouragement and confession Karen - that makes me feel better, LOL! I'm glad to get your "nearly" 5-st... Read More
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 15:47
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Comment with Your Commitment! What Week Will You Create Your Records?

Comment with Your Commitment! What Week Will You Create Your Records?

Comment with Your Commitment! What Week Will You Create Your Records?

I'm asking you to finish your homeschool records every year, before you start summer vacation.

Why? So you can get some GREAT feedback, that's why!

Chelle sent me an email filled with excitement. She had just submitted her junior's first ever transcript and course description and the college coordinator wrote back and said, "This is great! I'm going to hold you up as the shining example of how to do homeschool transcripts and course descriptions!" Carrie sent me a message and committed to working on her transcripts! Can you make that commitment too? Pick a date, perhaps a week, to reserve JUST for updating your transcripts and course descriptions. Got it? Leave a comment and make your commitment!

Ready to learn more? Read 3 Ingredients of a Great Course Description. Consider purchasing the Comprehensive Record Solution for templates, support, and encouragement.



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Dance = Exercise + PE

Dance = Exercise + PE

Stuck on What to Do for PE? Dance for joy!

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Cheap and Easy High School Record Keeping

Cheap and Easy High School Record Keeping

Use the "Binder Queen Method" of record keeping.

My favorite method of record keeping is not a product you buy, it's reasonably price and easy to assemble.  I recommend a simple 3 ring binder, divider tabs, and lined notebook paper. Super-smart moms might want "college ruled" paper, but that is completely optional!

I have seen far to many moms buy the latest and greatest record keeping, and then not use it. It doesn't matter what you BUY, you know! Yup, you actually have to use something in order to be successful with record keeping.

But here is the cheap and easy way to keep records.

Set up

Buy a three-ring notebook.

Insert dividers.

Make 1 divider for each class you intend to teach this year.
Make 1 divider for things required by your state law.
Make a divider for test results and your reading list.
Insert 1 lined notebook paper behind each divider.

Suggestions for dividers: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Fine Art, Electives, Test Results, Reading List, State Requirements


Every time you give a test or quiz, write the test number and score on the paper.
For classes without tests, write a list of books read, field trips, or experiences
Every time you create papers of some kind, write the kind of paper, or essay name, on the paper.
Insert all tests, quizzes and papers into the divider section behind your note paper summary
Keep a copy of textbook cover and table of contents


The divider tabs will tell you what to put on your transcript
The contents behind each binder tab will be the details you include on your course descriptions
If you didn't start or complete a class you intended to teach, throw out that section like it never happened.
As long as you keep records and create a transcript, course description, and reading list, you are a success!  

What cheap and easy way do you keep records?

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Are You Put Together?

Are You Put Together?

When I go out, I try to look put together. You know, make up on, hair styled, appropriate clothing. Sometimes I get caught on my way home from exercising, which is embarrassing! But on the whole, I want to be ready to see people when I'm out and about. Good thing, too, because sometimes another homeschooler will spy me at Starbucks!

As a homeschool parent, you need to have your homeschool records look put together too. One mom posted some positive feedback on facebook the other day.

Make sure your homeschool records are ready to be seen in public. Make a transcript and course descriptions. Prepare a reading list, activity list. When you visit a college, ask them if they like your records, and find out how they prefer your records to look.

Be prepared to have people see the details of your homeschool when you are applying for college.  They want to know about ALL the schools where applicants come from - and we are not excluded just because we homeschool. They want to see our academics records.

For more information, you might want to take this free class: Homeschool Records That Open Doors.  If you prefer to read a book, you'll like this Coffee Break Book on Amazon, Comprehensive Homeschool Records: Put Your Best Foot Forward to Win College Admission and Scholarships.

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Super Senior and High School Transcripts

Super Senior and High School Transcripts

Not all homeschool families have straightforward high school experiences! Some have switched between homeschool and private or public school during the high school years, and as they try to figure out whether their child is ready graduate, sometimes they realize that a 5th year might be preferable or necessary!

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Recent Comments
Lee Binz
Hi, Jill. Sounds like you guys have made a plan as a family and that's great! You can actually count it on the transcript either ... Read More
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 16:34
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Inspiration for Course Descriptions

Inspiration for Course Descriptions
Google is a marvelous thing!  It's possible to find course titles and descriptions with a simple search!  For example, the website for the Indiana Department of Education has a page of Course Titles and Descriptions. That means acres and acres of real public school classes for you to stare at in amazement, enjoying their strange mixture.

Look at the variety of course titles here - great options!  Look at the words for course descriptions - mix and match! This is the "art" part of making transcripts and course descriptions.  It's not always easy, but there is no right or wrong answer, so don’t stress out.

While you are there, notice some of the really weird classes. Are you teaching any of these classes?

  • Construction Technology Heavy Equipment I

  • Advanced Life Science: Foods

  • Landscape Management II

  • Digital Citizenship

You don't need to teach them, of course.  But look at the freedom you have to create meaningful classes that will fit your student and use the resources you have available!  Awesome!

Homeschoolers aren’t the only ones who have to come up with course descriptions. This website (Indiana Dept. of Education) helps their schools put together course descriptions. Here’s what they tell their schools: “Course descriptions provide brief statements of the content of kindergarten, elementary, middle level and high school curricular areas. These descriptions will assist schools in communicating, in a broad context, the content standards of courses.”  Yup.  That's why we write course descriptions too!

Don’t let course descriptions scare you!  They’re really just like a fourth grade writing assignment.  They don't have to sound as scary or official as the descriptions from a high school.  Course descriptions communicate the content of your courses.

You can find great support and ideas from my online Comprehensive Record Solution and my book Setting the Records Straight.  Let me know if you need help!

Are you on Twitter?  Follow me here!  


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Teaching Your Dyslexic Student

Teaching Your Dyslexic Student

Strategies for teaching your child with learning difficulties.

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