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Homeschool PE Saves the Day!

Homeschool PE Saves the Day!
My son went out for a "Roomies" activity at college.  I'm not completely sure, but I think it's a boys dorm room and a girls dorm room go out together for an organized activity.  When Alex went out, for example, this group of college kids went ice skating, out to "bubble tea" (think college-age version of Starbuck's) and then (as a group) to the park to look at the city lights. Let me just say, first...
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Questions Regarding Testing

Questions Regarding Testing
Hi Lee, I homeschool my children and have a question about my daughter.  She is soon to be 15 and doing tenth grade work.  She has also been going through cancer treatment since May.  I noticed that most Sophmores take the PSAT in the fall, but she wasn't able to do this due to being in the hospital.  Are we still on track for her to take it next October?  How will this affect her taking...
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Failing Math in Public School

Failing Math in Public School
One mother contacted me because her daughter is failing math in the public school system.   She is considering homeschooling. I understand that you are very concerned, but it's a complicated thing to talk about by email.  I encourage you to seek as much help as you need, and educate yourself about homeschooling high school.  For more information, consider signing up for my free email newsletter , taking my free mini-course , and getting my video, Preparing...
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Junior Year Jitters

Junior Year Jitters
If your Junior has missed the PSAT, don't sweat it too much.  The PSAT/NMSQT usually doesn't result in much scholarship money for most families.  The National Merit scholarship is SO competitive, it is very difficult to do well enough to win.  The best scholarship money will come from the college where you will apply. I encourage you to consider getting my videos called " Finding a College " and " Getting the BIG Scholarships " because...
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Do you have a Homeschool Stress Manager?

Do you have a Homeschool Stress Manager?
A friend stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the other day, and there was a unique greeter at the door!  Kip Holiday was his name.  The official title on his business card states that he is the "Stress Manager" of the hotel.  His bio on the hotel website says "When you stay with us, you arrive as guests, leave as family! Just ask the resident Stress Manager, Kip Holiday, our Golden Retriever!"  Read about him here...
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Gold, Silver and Wisdom

Gold, Silver and Wisdom
Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. ~ Proverbs 3:13-14 (NIV) It's a hard time of year when school is quickly approaching and money is receding like the tide. I love this verse, because it equates spending money on wisdom to investing, much like investing in gold and silver. The yield of investing in wisdom is greater than...
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Cheap and Easy Foreign Language - NOT!

Cheap and Easy Foreign Language - NOT!
My client Eileen was asking me about Spanish programs.  She had seen a low cost Spanish program that was bundled with free software, and she wondered what it would be like.  Free or cheap programs often take a HUGE amount of commitment and consistency, and there are no lesson plans or explanations or support.  I have never seen anyone be successful with a foreign language course like that.  Instead, I recommend using a foreign language program...
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The SAT Essay - Quick, Write Faster!

The SAT Essay - Quick, Write Faster!
The following article in the NY times confirms what we were told and what we experienced when our kids took the SAT.  It isn't the facts or the accuracy of the essay that your student will write that matters; it is the length, SAT Essay Rewards Length and Ignores Errors You can use this knowledge to your advantage when you prepare your students for the SAT.  Practice your handwriting.  Do it frequently and work on speed...
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