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[Video Tip] How to Send Homeschool Records to College

[Video Tip] How to Send Homeschool Records to College
This short video will show you what my records looked like when I submitted my homeschool records, because sometimes you just need to see it with your...
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How to Include Enrichment Experiences in Homeschool Records

How to Include Enrichment Experiences in Homeschool Records
Meaningful summer camps, important enrichment classes, and major life experiences that are educational ... what to do? Put it in your homeschool recor...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lona Robinson
If I recall correctly, you said to list a job on the transcript as a class. My daughter worked for a retail store for 6 months dur... Read More
Thursday, 10 May 2018 20:31
Lee Binz
Lona, You are close! Lee wanted me to have you read her post on "Occupational Education" which is the class you list on their tran... Read More
Friday, 11 May 2018 05:15
Lee Binz
Thank you so much for your encouragement and confession Karen - that makes me feel better, LOL! I'm glad to get your "nearly" 5-st... Read More
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 15:47
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Comment with Your Commitment! What Week Will You Create Your Records?

Comment with Your Commitment! What Week Will You Create Your Records?
Comment with Your Commitment! What Week Will You Create Your Records? I'm asking you to finish your homeschool records every year, before you start summer vacation.Why? So you can get some GREAT feedback, that's why!Chelle sent me an email filled with excitement. She had just submitted her junior's first ever transcript and course description and the college coordinator wrote back and said, "This is great! I'm going to hold you up as the shining example of...
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Cheap and Easy High School Record Keeping

Cheap and Easy High School Record Keeping
Use the "Binder Queen Method" of record keeping.My favorite method of record keeping is not a product you buy, it's reasonably price and easy to assemble.  I recommend a simple 3 ring binder, divider tabs, and lined notebook paper. Super-smart moms might want "college ruled" paper, but that is completely optional!I have seen far to many moms buy the latest and greatest record keeping, and then not use it. It doesn't matter what you BUY, you...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Beth, this is how I bundled them: we laid the one piece transcript on top of the spiral-bound comprehensive record. On top of tha... Read More
Thursday, 13 November 2014 08:55
Guest — Beth Orth
Hi Lee, I have one more question! I have been reading your kindle books--Setting the Records Straight and Comprehensive Homeschoo... Read More
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 21:13
Guest — Beth Orth
Lee I really appreciate your tips. I am wondering if you can tell me, when we send colleges the first transcript (in progress duri... Read More
Saturday, 08 November 2014 15:18
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Are You Put Together?

Are You Put Together?
When I go out, I try to look put together. You know, make up on, hair styled, appropriate clothing. Sometimes I get caught on my way home from exercising, which is embarrassing! But on the whole, I want to be ready to see people when I'm out and about. Good thing, too, because sometimes another homeschooler will spy me at Starbucks!As a homeschool parent, you need to have your homeschool records look put together too. One...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Barbara
Great advice as always, Lee! The Comprehensive Record Solution has been a life saver for us! Just wondering now about how we pre... Read More
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 21:56
Guest — Lee
Thanks for the feedback, Barbara. I'm so happy the Comprehensive Record Solution has helped you. For ideas on submitting to the ... Read More
Thursday, 18 September 2014 05:22
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Inspiration for Course Descriptions

Inspiration for Course Descriptions
Google is a marvelous thing!  It's possible to find course titles and descriptions with a simple search!  For example, the website for the Indiana Department of Education has a page of Course Titles and Descriptions. That means acres and acres of real public school classes for you to stare at in amazement, enjoying their strange mixture.Look at the variety of course titles here - great options!  Look at the words for course descriptions - mix and match!...
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Teaching Your Dyslexic Student

Teaching Your Dyslexic Student
Strategies for teaching your child with learning difficulties.     Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!
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    What is a Homeschool Profile Letter

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    Check your state homeschool law .  

    In order to graduate, homeschoolers are not required to follow the public school laws, neither

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