Start a Business and Change the World

Does your teen have big ideas but you’re not sure how to help make them happen? Do you encourage your teen to change the world but don’t know exactly how? According to the Kauffman Foundation, 54 percent of millennials either want to start a business or already have one started. We live in a world where people all around are talking ...

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Top Field Trip Tips for Homeschoolers

What field trips have you taken this year, or past years, that you have really enjoyed with your teens? My Facebook group was going crazy, sharing some great ideas. You can include field trips in your course descriptions, by the way. While course descriptions should include resources you used intentionally, you can also add thi...

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9 Question Check-Up for Planning Senior Year

Senior year starting and you have a child that is college bound? Do a quick check to make sure you are ready to go!If you have a senior this year, let's do a quick check to see how prepared you are for the coming year.​Have you chosen 4-8 colleges where your teen will apply?  Is there a mix of reach, fit, safety, public, and private? Reach, F...

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