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"Calculus Made Clear"

Another strategy we used for high school math was "Calculus Made Clear" from The Teaching Company. The course wouldn't be enough for a stand-alone Calculus course, but it's a wonderful, wonderful supplement. It is light on numbers but very clear in their explanations. The first time we saw it, my younger son was doing pre-Calculus and my older son was in Calculus. I told them to watch one lesson a day, but the boys loved it....
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Help for Saxon Math

If you are considering Saxon math for high school, I strongly encourage you to consider using DIVE CDs. It's a great combination that worked for us, and it's more reasonably priced than other video tutorials. Here is the link: have a sample lecture online, so you can see if it will work for your child.Blessings,LeeGet your daily dose of wisdom from my blog via e-mail.
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Homeschooling High School Math Isn't Working

>>>>This is the second part of my answer to a desperate mom who lamented: "I don't think homeschooling high school is working!"Now I'll talk about math :-)Teaching Textbooks may not be working for your student. You might want to consider adding a tutor. It doesn't have to be a math professor or anything. Sometimes just another high school student who is farther along in math will do the trick. They will talk the same language that...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Our Love/Hate Relationship with Saxon Math

>>>>One mom's co-op uses Saxon Math and it makes her want to cry<<<<I hated Saxon, too. But when I "lost it" in math, I told Kevin to choose his own math book, and he chose Saxon! I couldn't believe it! No pretty pictures, no NUTHIN! He just wanted to use Saxon - and he succeeded with it.Can you let your daughter make the decision about math books or coop classes? She may know how she learns...
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Guest — Lee
So glad you found us! Blessings, Laura
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 09:15
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Homeschool Curriculum - How to Fail in High School Math

>>>>Dorette asked: Why did you use Saxon Advanced Math when it looks like you used another program for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry?<<<< A wise homeschool Mom once said, "If it works, use it. If it doesn't work - Change!"We used Addison-Wesley math books through elementary school. When we started Algebra, the next book in the series was Algebra 1 by Paul Foerster. It was highly rated by homeschool suppliers, so it seemed like the...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Upper Level Math

>>>>Karen asked me what my family used for upper math. Every family is different, of course, but I described what worked for us.<<<<Karen,We used Saxon Advanced Math with DIVE CDs and it was very successful. Advanced Math is supposed to be a 1-1/2 year program that includes Pre-Calc and the bulk of formal geometry, but since my son had already had Geometry before switching to Saxon, we figured he could skip those lessons. He did it...
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Homeschooling Resources - Pre-Calculus Question Part 1

A friend of mine was having a problem with her daughter taking pre-calculus. After doing well on the first test, she had failed the second. She thought it might be the curriculum and was looking for advice on what to do.I responded:A wise woman once said: "When it doesn't work, stop using it." Time to switch, if you ask me. First thing I suggest is going online to The Teaching Company, and getting a video of...
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Guest — Tweets that mention Pre-calculus IS hard, and it’s worth the struggle. #homeschooling #homeschool --
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lee Binz, Lee Binz. Lee Binz said: Pre-calculus IS hard, and it’s worth the struggle. ... Read More
Tuesday, 14 December 2010 04:38
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Homeschooling Resources - Pre-Calculus Question Part 2

My friend developed a plan and I wanted to encourage her to implement it.I wrote:Do you remember when the kids were babies, and things would get really hard and miserable? One thing that helped me at THAT stage of life, was realizing that those things only tend to last for a week or two. I was never sure whether it was me adapting to them, or them adapting to me, but after two weeks the thing...
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Homeschooling Curriculum - Why is Math Important?

Homeschooling Curriculum - Why is Math Important?
Marcia asks: "Can someone tell me if most colleges require students to take a math class higher than Algebra 2 for admission? Is math the only indication of how a student will do in college? Isn't writing important at all?" I considered this question, and decided to ask an authority. I interviewed a college professor, to get his opinion. This is his response: "Math requirements vary by school. You don't necessarily have to have extra math...
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Homeschooling Resources - What about Teaching High School Science?

Have you wondered how parents can teach a subject they don't know? How will you teach high school sciences without having a background in science? Carol asked me about physics, and was resigned to studying physics herself over summer, so that she could teach it to her student. Here is my response: Carol,You can certainly study physics over the summer if you WANT to.... But I didn't want to! We used Apologia Physics, and it was...
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