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"Latest and Greatest" vs. "Tried and True"

I'm going to write a short article about this in my next newsletter, but I can't resist mentioning it here as well.  Here is an example on how to save money on curriculum.Latest and Greatest: Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition Full Course on CD-ROMFor $50 you can buy the latest and greatest version of this popular curriculum.Tried and True: Exploring Creation With Biology - 1st EditionFor only $8, you can buy the original Exploring Creation...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Lee
Hi Christy, I think it helps to focus on that phrase you used "award winning curriculum." So many of the things we pass over may ... Read More
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 06:22
Guest — Christy
Yes. I use TOG as our main curriculum. They are in the process of redesigning it, which is great. The redesign is much more user f... Read More
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 06:02
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Summer School - Less Time! More Filling!

Summer School - Less Time!  More Filling!
During the summer months we did a little homeschool every day, usually for about 1 hour total. I always made sure to include some math each summer; just tiny math workbooks, and a handful of problems each day. Once the kids were in high school, I found that SAT preparation books were the perfect summer review workbooks. Like the "Comprehensive Curriculum" workbooks for elementary school, but at a high school level!
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Must Do, May Do and Can't Stop Doing!

Must Do, May Do and Can't Stop Doing!
At this time of the year, friends are discussing their curriculum choices for next year. I have been asked by several people what we used during the high school years. Every child is unique, of course, but here is a snapshot of our freshman year:These are the things I made them do: American Literature & Composition (Sonlight 100) American History (Sonlight 100) Biology with Lab (Apologia) Algebra 1 (Jacob's Algebra) Fine Arts 1: American Art (art...
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Recent Comments
Guest — J W
Must do - I made my shopping list for the WHO convention, and I'm not even going to think about it until the materials arrive on m... Read More
Wednesday, 04 June 2008 15:55
Guest — Lee
So many people have been talking about Notgrass! I think I'll have to look at that book at the curriculum fair. It's become very... Read More
Sunday, 01 June 2008 19:45
Guest — My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving
My son is in 8th grade next year so we are getting ready to get ready for high school. We are using Apologia's 8th grade science ... Read More
Sunday, 01 June 2008 18:15
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Help Choosing High School Math

Help Choosing High School Math
Here's something to consider before choosing a high school math curriculum. Because many textbooks have a video tutorial, it might be a good idea to have your child choose which video tutorial they prefer. Abeka, Saxon, DIVE Cds, Teaching Textbooks, VideoText - to us it may not matter, but to the teenager it might. Sometimes they get so annoyed by a person on video that it distracts them from learning. For that reason, I like to...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Wanda
Life Of Fred math takes a humorous approach that has you laughing as you learn and now there are Home Companion books that complem... Read More
Friday, 07 May 2010 20:45
Guest — Planning for SAT Success | The HomeScholar Helper
[...] in the upper grades a lot depends on getting video support.  I have a blog post that lists all the homeschool video programs... Read More
Thursday, 19 February 2009 18:32
Guest — Stephanie
Here's another one for you... Ask Dr. Callahan. We LOVE it. We're using Algebra 1 this year (based on Harold Jacobs' Algebra) with... Read More
Friday, 17 October 2008 16:05
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Science and Worldview

Science and Worldview
Unlike math and computer science, there are world view issues that come into play with science. Try to find a science program that works for your own beliefs. We used Apologia, and LOVED it, and I believe it was fabulous preparation for my sons. One of my boys went into engineering in college and was well prepared by Apologia. My other son was able to pass a CLEP exam in Biology after using Apologia, so I...
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Great Website for High School Science

Great Website for High School Science
Check out one of my favorite websites when we were using Apologia Sciences. Donna Young has made lesson plans and support materials for high school sciences. I loved her vocabulary word bookmarks for Biology. It really helped us memorize those facts!   She also has a series of forms and graphs that describe credits and grades for high school. I think that some people really like to get a wide variety of options before they settle...
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Guest — Josh Darville
here is a great site to learn about website design.
Monday, 31 March 2008 04:23
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Cheap and Easy Pre-Algebra

Cheap and Easy Pre-Algebra
When my children did pre-algebra, we used Access to Algebra and Geometry by Addison Wesley. At the time, it was the book recommended by Sonlight. Now there are many more options for homeschooling families. It's great to have so many things to choose from! But sometimes cost is a huge issue. Sometimes you don't need something "new and improved" with all the bells and whistles. Sometimes you just need a math book! Since this is an...
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Homeschooling High School? Start Here!

Homeschooling High School? Start Here!
Amazing FREE 5-Part Mini-Course Reveals: "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School" Click Here To Get FREE Mini-Course Welcome! Get your homeschooling high school questions answered here!  High school transcripts, record keeping, grades, credits, course planning and college admissions - I'm here to address your concerns. Email me your questions and be sure you subscribe to this blog because I update the content daily.  Enjoy your visit!
Recent comment in this post
Guest — Miss Jocelyn
Hello there, the Team at the HSBA Post would like to congratulate you on being one of the 2008 winners! Please read more here: h... Read More
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 13:43
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Obsessive/Compulsive Mathematics

My husband asked me, "Do all homeschoolers finish the math book?" The answer is "OF course not!" The truth is, some homeschoolers have their child do every single problem in every math book before moving on. Other homeschoolers skip many problems or even chapters each year without giving it a second thought. I encourage people to come down firmly in the middle of this controversy. What's important is NOT how many problems they do, or how...
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I am The Weakest Link

I am The Weakest Link
Although I took calculus in college.... OK, that's not completely true. I actually took calculus TWICE in college because I failed it the first time! Allow me to start again....Although I have taken calculus repeatedly, I don't actually know any calculus right now. In fact, from the time my kids were in Algebra 2, I was completely lost. My boys both used Saxon Math with DIVE CD's for Advanced Math and Calculus, and we supplemented that...
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Recent Comments
Guest — The HomeScholar
Darnelle, We are definitely soul sisters here! I find that everyone reaches that point in math when they can't teach it anymore, ... Read More
Monday, 03 March 2008 18:57
Guest — darnelle
Hi Lee,Just wanted to say that I've had the same experience as you with the Saxon/DIVE Calculus situation. I've never had calculus... Read More
Monday, 03 March 2008 13:17
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Does General Science Count?

If your child is in 9th grade, and they take General Science, then in my opinion it's a high school credit - simply because your child is high school age. I figure that if a kid takes remedial anything in a public high school, they still put it on the transcript, right? Just label it "general science" so you're all above-board about it. If Physical Science was taken in 10th grade, then again it's a high...
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Recent Comments
Guest — The HomeScholar
Yvonne,Of course you can link my blog! I would love that! Thanks why I have the button available, so that people can even put th... Read More
Tuesday, 26 February 2008 12:11
Guest — Yvonne
I agree, Lee! I have quite few friends who are doing General Science in the 9th grade...especially with Apologia because it does ... Read More
Tuesday, 26 February 2008 05:31
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Left brain vs. Right brain: It's a no-brainer

It's kind of twisted, really. I just love science! I am a nurse, so I have a big science and math background. But I just love it! When we did microscope work, I would find myself going in to look at the microscope by myself! I'm just curious... you folks who don't like science, do you like art? Because I hate it! It is so messy, it would get my house so many crazy colors. My...
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Losing it in Math

Hi Lee,Thanks for the e-mail. Even though I'm a few years away from high school yet I know it will come before I know it. I don't know if you can offer any help but I thought I'd ask any way. My oldest is 11 and technically will be entering 6th grade next year which is middle school as you know, my concern is that I'm at a point where I no longer am comfortable or...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Janice
You can also try "KAHN ACADEMY". My son used it through Saxon Advanced Math and it is online for FREE! It is a little more diffic... Read More
Tuesday, 06 May 2014 22:49
Guest — Assistant to The HomeScholar
Good point, Janice! Robin Assistant to The HomeScholar
Wednesday, 07 May 2014 09:00
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Math for the Artistically Inclined

I have noticed (non-scientific poll) that the artsy type tend to enjoy geometry more than algebra. If you are dealing with a lot of frustration with algebra, then geometry may be a bit easier (probably depending on the geometry text.) Geometry can apply to art in a way that algebra.... well.... can't. There is actually a lot of art in Jacob's Geometry, by the way. Although I notice it was also heavy on logic, so check...
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Geometry, Trig and Calculus - Oh My!

Geometry, Trig and Calculus - Oh My!
Geometry is the basis for trigonometry, which is the building block for calculus. You have to understand the angles of a triangle to get to sine, cosine, and tangent. Many college majors require math, even those your might not expect, and you don't always know ahead of time what major your child will choose 4 years from now. That's why I think that math is important - and that includes geometry.The geometry most of us remember...
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