Your child has a bright future ahead! This book was compiled to help you homeschool through the coming year with the best possible success. 

Start strong by finding the faith to homeschool high school, with a four week devotional to encourage you. Learn to balance technology use in your homeschool and, ultimately increase learning, by setting logical boundaries on digital media. Make your life simpler to decrease stress by learning the four key goals in the four years of high school - only one goal for each year!

Then dive into the meaty middle of the book, and learn how to simplify high school record keeping. Whether you are perfect type A or organizationally challenged you will learn what high school documents you need to create. Remove your fear of making a transcript, learn the options after high school, and learn how to be prepared even if your child changes their mind.  (Because they often do!) Find out the key ingredients to becoming a better home educator.

Finally, as you look toward college, I will teach you how your student can get a great letter of recommendation, discover the purpose of the PSAT, and prepare for the SAT or ACT essay tests. I'll teach you the nine secrets to effortlessly finish the FAFSA in record time and the difference between a college application, coalition application, and common application. (Oh my, yes. There are such things!) This is a 72 page downloadable pdf ebook you can download immediately!  You won't be disappointed.

Download the book here: Bright Future Ahead - Free PDF ebook