Julie in Texas won my blog contest this month!

Julie said, "Thank you so much!  I appreciate your generous give away.  After reading the description of your audio course, I knew I wanted to hear it, so I'm thrilled that I'm the winner!"

Julie has been homeschooling 9 years, and she has two boys in grades 6 and 9.  Her favorite advice to younger homeschoolers is: "It's hard to fix something that isn't broken." She confessed that deciding to continue homeschooling high school was a big decision last spring. She add, "However, with help and wisdom from "completed" homeschoolers like you, who have not only finished, but finished well, I'm encouraged about our journey too."

Audrey in Pennsylvania won my newsletter forwarding contest this month!

Audrey said, "Yippee!!  Every day is a blessing, but this is a special day. God bless you and your efforts. Thank you." Audrey is homeschooling a 10th grade son, 8th grade daughter, and 3rd grade daughter.  Her husband says their cat LOVES homeschooling, and probably has a Master's Degree!  Her suggestion is "Birthdays are a holiday for the children and I. That is our way to let home school rule our school calender."

That sounds like a GREAT way to stay sane while homeschooling.  I did that too, in our homeschool!


Here's a nice photo with me and my SHS Loopies.  Kathy and Cindy have been my friends for years!  Thank you for all of you who have voted for my blog today.  We are in a very tight contest and really need your support.  Thanks!!