Best Guidance Counselor Tips for a Performing Arts Student

When your child is a gifted actor, homeschooling can provide the best education possible, while still providing enough time for them to perfect their craft.‚Äč

Cover the Core

Actors, singers, and musicians often have one thing in common. These kids often don't like math and science. As parents then, we need to make sure our children have a broad education that will serve them well in the future. That means covering English, math, science, history and foreign language.

Cover the Core with Delight Directed Learning

Some kids have trouble with the standard English and history textbook, but if you let them cover core classes with their delight directed learning, it becomes more meaningful to them. Consider a more creative form of English: screen-writing or novel writing, for example. Consider an arts-based, non-textbook history class using movies or Teaching Company Great Courses. Be careful not to teach many subjects via DVD, perhaps do that with only one subject, but here is one option. Teach with Movies

Capture Delight

The best part of homeschooling is that we can capture delight directed learning for high school credit. Theater classes, Acting, Music Theory, and many other classes can be taught by simply collecting what your child does for fun. Instead of directing learning, the parent will follow behind with a shovel, scooping up the credits the do naturally.

Guidance Counselor Tips

Fine Art schools have their own college fair, so you can visit with many art schools at once to ask your questions. Performing and Visual Arts College Fairs. These colleges may not provide the scholarships needed to graduate with minimal debt. Have your child apply to some Liberal Arts colleges as well, to get additional scholarships. While they may not have the same fine art degrees, they do have other opportunities that can provide career opportunities later.